U.S.S. Durendal, NCC-94594

U.S.S. Durendal, Stardate 97871.1
United Federation of Planets
Starfleet, 38th Fleet
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U.S.S. Durendal

The U.S.S. Durendal (NCC-94594) is a Federation Excalibur-class starship operated by Starfleet. The Durendal was launched in 2400 and has seen action in the Klingon-Federation War (2405-2413); Romulan Civil War (2409-2411); and Iconian War (2414) before being assigned to logistics duties until her recent reassignment to the 38th Fleet.

Service History

Entering Starfleet service in the year 2400 the USS Durendal was placed under the command of Captain Anara Falor and assigned to an emergency response task force in the Beta Quadrant. The Durendal took part in several emergency relief operations to Federation and unaligned colonies, as well as performing ably in the rescue of the crew and passengers of the passenger vessel S.S. Farthest Star. The outbreak of hostilities with the Klingon Empire saw the Durendal and Captain Anara’s mission profile altered: it would be responsible for the rapid response and deployment of ground troops and material support in the war effort in Beta Quadrant.

Captain Anara was eventually promoted to Rear Admiral, and the Durendal placed under the command of Captain Bazel and continued her mission profile as previously stated. However, the ongoing civil war amongst the Romulan people saw the Durendal’s operational range extended - its sizeable warp core and admirable speed allowing it to respond as needed to a variety of situations. It saw limited actions in ship to ship combat, and almost always in a support role as the vessel’s primary profile was not intended for taking a central combat role.

Captain Bazel would take the Durendal into the Battle of Sol during the Iconian War, and the vessel would sustain massive damage and loss of crew. Nevertheless Captain Bazel and the Durendal performed admirably, and noted for continuing search and rescue inspite of great personal risk to vessel and crew; doubtlessly saving the lives of hundreds. The Durendal spent a year in dry-dock receiving repairs before receiving an exploration mission: in concert with the Nova-class, U.S.S. Starspot under Captain Sengar Hef, the two vessels would conduct detailed exploration of systems already explored by Ambassador-class vessels.

The Durendal would remain in this role until 2420 when Captain Bazel would be reassigned to a Luna-class vessel and Captain Vorik given command of the Durendal which was then assigned to the 38th Fleet. Presently undergoing readiness reviews and temporarily assigned to Taurus squadron the Durendal has already performed actions in the 38th Fleet under its new captain.


Stardate 97841.3 DS13 Space Intrusion Interception

Technical Data

350 m
128 m
72 m
990,000 metric tons
Habitable Decks:
Crew Complement:
Emergency Cap.:
Avg. Cruising Spd:
Max. Cruising Spd:
Maximum Spd:
Warp 7
Warp 9
Fore and aft Type-X phaser arrays; Fore and aft photon torpedos launchers.
Deflector shield generators, and reinforced tritanium alloy hull.
Auxiliary Craft:
8x Type 8 Shuttlecraft, and 4x Worker Bees.

The Excalibur-class was first commissioned in 2391 by Starfleet, adopting the profile of the iconic Constitution-class, it was intended to be the design which would bring Starfleet into the 25th century; Graarvin Narl, primary designer, noting “We can send her anywhere and she can do anything. The Excalibur will carry Starfleet into the 25th Century, and she’ll do it with style.” The Durendal, NCC-94594, was laid down later in the production of Excalibur-class vessels and benefitted from corrections and adjustments learned on earlier hulls of the class which had been in service already.

Excalibur-class vessels are noted for having an oversized warp core for a vessel of their dimensions which along with their advanced electro-plasma distribution network allowed for impressive operational capacities. It was quite capable of extending its shields or transfering power to allied vessels with no negative impact on its own defences or systems; it also allowed for vessels of the class to boost their tractor beams to a significant extent. Furthermore, Industrial replicators can be run non-stop making the vessel an excellent choice for emergency supply missions. In addition the vessel features a high degree of modular design allowing for it to be easily and quickly adjusted to fit a mission’s profile. Its crew was of a sufficient size that it could handle its own repairs while also beaming emergency repair teams to other vessels with no significant impact on its own safety or repairs.

While lacking advanced sensor systems and a multitude of weapon systems the Excalibur-class was an exceptionally capable class of vessels which could perform brilliantly in the right hands and were indispensable to a fleet. Fast, effective, reliable, and adaptable the Excalibur-class was a testament to Starfleet engineering.

The Durendal is indicative of her class, having no modifications beyond those fitted by standard Starfleet updates since the launch of the class, and the modifications necessary to correct any minor errors noted in earlier vessels of her class during production. Reports continue to indicate that she has been maintained in excellent condition by each successive command, and that she will likely continue to the very end of her operational lifetime.

Roleplaying Information

The Durendal is intended to fit the operational profile of the Excalibur class in roleplay: a vessel well-suited to providing emergency support to colonies, vessels, search and rescue, logistics duties in support of other vessels, rapid response, and in general serve as a flexible and adaptable vessel that reflects her class and Starfleet’s own ethos. Obviously, the lack of extensive sensors preclude counter-intel or intel operations directly as well as not comparing as well with other science and exploration vessels; in addition, her weapon systems while sufficient are hardly stellar and combatively is clearly intended to be taking a supporting role rather than leading the charge. Again though, this is all reflective of her class and the desire to have the Durendal reflect that.

Vorik is a newly promoted captain, however, he is a capable individual and one determined to live up to the highest traditions of Starfleet. The crew is also new, never having worked together before, and are adjusting to each other, their officers, and their captain but they are proving up to the task and look set to do the Durendal proud.


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