AAR: EVA inspection of sector 12 dash 36.

Stardate 95038.2
LTJG Terre Jeei
Level 1 - Open

LOCATION: Deep Space Thirteen

MISSION: Inspect outer hull over sector 12-36; Deck 12, bulkheads 9 through 18. Hydroponics section.



CMDR Ryker, Josh T.
LTJG Terre Jeei
SUBLT t'Lhoell, Shiarrael

RECOMMENDATION: Maintain regular SIF rotation and monitor atmospheric readings in this sector. Complete re-build of hydroponics-specification areas with additional life support redundancies.

Comms log: EVA.​Comms log: EVA.​

[10:25] [fleet] Terre@Fuse1983: <comm> Terre to Damage Control. Commencing EVA inspection of sector 12 dash 36. Formerly deck 12, bulkheads nine through eighteen.

[10:29] [fleet] Terre@Fuse1983: <c> Activating anchor point navigation becon... Activation complete.

[10:33] [fleet] Terre@Fuse1983: <c> Exterior hull in this sector appear mostly intact. Tricorder shows some micro-fractures.

[10:38] [fleet] Terre@Fuse1983: <c> Terre to Damage control. Requesting SIF activation in my sector, followed by inital atmosphere processing.

[10:38] [fleet] Terre@Fuse1983: <c> I think we can get our hydroponics bay back.

[fleet] Josh T. Ryker@jwp1fsl: <c> Everett here, what's all that's leeft to be done? I can head down to engineering.

[10:45] [fleet] Terre@Fuse1983: <c> External plating is good, here Commander. Permission to inspect internal spaces in this sector?

[10:46] [fleet] Josh T. Ryker@jwp1fsl: <c> Granted, keep me posted on progress.

[10:46] [fleet] Terre@Fuse1983: <c> Aye, aye, sir.

OOC: This was a follow on to Project DS13 headed by Kermit.