AAR: Eye of Mine I

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CAPT Holmes, Alexandria E.

After Action Report

LOCATION Star System: 7956 Zhen Xiu, Asteroid Belt

MISSION Investigate radiation source located within Asteroid Belt.

OUTCOME Further investigation resulted in the realisation that the radiation was largely harmless Alpha emissions and thus radiation sources were left in place. Class 3 probe was left in place to gather additional data pending a follow up.


  • CAPT Holmes, A.
  • LCDR Ledar, K.
  • ENS Thyzee

NARRATIVE Dallas arrived at asteroid belt to investigate and remove radiation hazard if necessary. Radiation appeared to be contained within a primitive forcefield being held in place by two retrofit asteroids, equipped with plasma torches for manoeuvrability and particle emitters, both containing the field of radiation and seemingly capable of adding to it.

One section of the field had appeared to be removed, however the exact cause and circumstance surrounding this was not clear.

A small interior was found on both asteroids, however as the Dallas was not equipped to begin an archaeological endeavour, we deployed a class 3 probe for further study, returning to Deep Space 13.

RECOMMENDATION Further investigation into the radiation field and it’s origin or purpose with a properly equipped vessel.
RECOGNITION Whilst being out of her direct area of expertise, Ensign Thyzee performed her duties to the highest standard of a Starfleet officer.

OOC Thank you for the little impromptu event! Transcript available here: Eye of Mine I Transcript

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