AAR: Flashpoint

Filed By:
CMDR Tolar, Amathel

LOCATION Vesuvi system, Betazed sector.

MISSION Delivery of medical supplies to colonies in the Vesuvi system.

OUTCOME Vesuvi star destroyed. U.S.S. Mariner, U.S.S. Dragon, R.R.W. Tebok disabled.


  • Captain Drake Tungsten
  • Commander Nathes
  • Gul Rejal
  • Commander Amathel Tolar
  • Commander Ruke Warner
  • Lieutenant Commander Serris
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Alexandria Niraj

NARRATIVE On stardate 100034.5, the task force containing the U.S.S. Mariner, U.S.S. Dragon, and R.R.W. Tebok were redirected from a scouting mission into Kelterre sector. The Haven colony in the Vesuvi star system had requested immediate medical assistance due to a sudden spike in solar irradiance. We were to rendezvous with the U.S.S. Dauntless, which was already in-system.

Upon our arrival, we immediately noticed the Dauntless was out of position, drifting towards the star. The Mariner made to intercept, while the Dragon and Tebok set a course for Haven and the Geki colony, respectively.

Upon arriving at the Dauntless, it was immediatly noticed that she had been attacked, to great effect. The secondary hull had taken severe damage, and the primary EPS relays were completely offline. It was shortly discovered that the damage had been caused by positron-based spiral wave disruptor weapons, consistent with those used by the Cardassian insurrectionist forces. The fleet was immediately notified as to the situation, and set on alert.

Meanwhile, the Dragon had begun the unloading of medical supplies onto Haven, and the Tebok had successfully contacted the Geki mining colony.

It was at this time that Lieutenant JG Niraj noticed the star was undergoing an alarming spike in fusion reactions. On the suspicion of this officer, it was confirmed that the star was very near to detonating due to injection of trilithium resin. It was decided, due to the large (8x10^6) population, that evacuation was impossible. We were reserved to stay and attempt to save the colonies at any cost. The Dauntless underwent saucer separation, and was from then on towed behind the Mariner.

Lieutenant Commander Serris immediately sprung into action, formulating a plan to do so. Though the engineering knowledge pertaining to the details of such is beyond this officer, I shall attempt to summarize. It was noticed by him that the two planets containing the colonies were in near planetary alignment. The fleet was directed to a point in space whereupon sufficient coverage of said planets could be maintained by a deflector parabola, in order to deflect as much energy as possible away from the area. The Mariner was placed at the forwardmost point, with the Dragon and Tebok on either side, aligned with the plane of the ecliptic. The plan was then put into effect.

Upon the detonation of Vesuvi, all three ships redirected all possible power to the forward shields and deflectors, and successfully redirected an unmeasured, unfathomably large amount of energy sufficiently away from the colonies to prevent their immediate annihilation. All other objects in the system were completely obliterated. All ships sustained extreme damage, and their crew severe harm. Casualties include extensive internal damage to Gul Rejal, the breaking of the lower limbs of Commander Nathes, and the complete incapacitation of Lieutenant Commander Serris due to severe cranial trauma. Casualties among the rest of the fleet range from a handful of fatalities to minor bruises.

It was observed by the Tebok that a vessel aligning with the composition of both the unidentified vessels previously encountered in the Betreka nebula, and the Cardassian insurrectionist forces, departing towards the Doza sector at high warp. It appeared damaged. The U.S.S. October and U.S.S. Vincennes arrived shortly to assist in our recovery efforts.

RECOMMENDATION All colonies, outposts, ships, and stations in the following sectors should immediately be placed into yellow alert:

  • Dubhe
  • Minos Korva
  • Betazed
  • Risa
  • Aldebaran
  • Ba’aja

The unidentified vessels previously encountered in the Betreka Nebula should be considered hostile for acts of war upon the United Federation of Planets and her allies. Given their use of trilithium resin to detonate the Vesuvi star, all ships and stations in endangered space should prepare countermeasures against the possible use of other banned weapons and tactics.

A task force of starships should be sent into the space formerly occupied by the Azedi Confederacy in order to learn more of said unidentified vessels, and possibly locate their point, or civilization, of origin.

The colonies in the former Vesuvi star system should be supplied with high grade meteor defense systems, to ward off strikes that may be caused by the debris of the destroyed inner planets. They should also be supplied with additional fusion reactors and replicators, to postpone the eventual demise of their stay on these worlds. All those who request transportation to another world should have those requests granted.

RECOGNITION All crew performed above the call of duty, despite the extreme circumstances. Due to his extraordinarily quick thinking and engineering prowess, Lieutenant Commander Serris saved the lives of over eight million Federation citizens, at the cost of nearly his own life. He remains in critical condition, and it is currently unknown if he will recover. Therefore, I vehemently recommend that he receive the Medal of Honor.

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