AAR: Ghosts Of Doza

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CDR Davin

LOCATION Doza IV, Doza System, Doza Sector

MISSION Investigate anomalous reports from Doza System

OUTCOME Facility found in remains of Doza IV, computer records recovered for analysis.


  • CDR Rai
  • CDR Amarik
  • SCDR Loval

NARRATIVE Warbirds D’Ishae, Vaurek, and Inyadar dispatched to Doza System to rendevouz with warbird Tovanal and investigate numerous anomalous reports. Following preliminary search by Tovanal, traced power signature to facility inside remains of Doza IV. Facility appears to be constructed following destruction of Doza IV (see: Doza IV Genesis Event).

Facility found to be abandoned but intact, operating on low power mode. Away team investigation revealed facility appeared to be a mining outpost, built to extract resources from remains of Doza IV. Protomatter traces noted throughout facility, and across surface of Doza IV remains. Facility appears to have been evacuated in an orderly fashion.

Scans from station, mines, and copies of computer data transmitted to secure data module for later analysis.

RECOMMENDATION Thorough analysis of scans and recovered data to determine origin of facility and purpose of mining operation.

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LT Aev

ADDENDUM Republic Intelligence has reviewed the data recovered from the facility mentioned in the originating report. Conclusions and analysis are listed below.

  1. The purpose of the facility was to harvest protomatter from the remains of Doza IV (Attached). The protomatter was then loaded into heavily modified torpedoes onsite. Recovered logs indicate that roughly two dozen such torpedoes were produced during the facilities operational up time. Facility logs also indicate that these weapons were loaded onto warbirds.

  2. Several warbirds involved in the Doza System Incident docked at the facility and took on protomatter torpedoes. Included is a list of all currently known vessels related to D’Kera Mandukar’s rouge fleet.

    Ship Records
    Still Missing:
    R.R.W. Vauthilai - Vastam Class Command Carrier
    R.R.W. Yhea - Mogai Class Heavy Warbird
    R.R.W. Shalyar - T’Varo Class Light Warbird
    I.R.W. Selea - Valdore Class Heavy Warbird
    I.R.W. Ael - T’Varo Class Light Warbird
    I.R.W. Liefvi - T’Varo Class Light Warbird

    R.R.W. Tagor - Ar’kala Class Tactical Warbird Retrofit
    R.R.W. Spock - Ha’nom Class Support Cruiser
    R.R.W. Akhiy - T’Varo Class Light Warbird
    I.R.W. Shinzon - Dhael Class Warbird Retrofit
    I.R.W. Invictus - Dhelan Class Warbird
    R.S.N. S’Vel - Valdore Class Heavy Warbird

    Confirmed Destroyed:
    I.R.W. Nalae - D’Deridex Class Battle Cruiser Retrofit
    R.S.N. Ra’valaere - T’Varo Class Light Warbird

  1. Intelligence can confirm that the facility was operated under a non-aligned faction attributed to D’Kera Mandukar.

  2. The facilities computers were programmed to automatically wipe after a specific period of inactivity. This program was manually overridden. A beacon was also activated to attract outside attention. It seems likely, but is unconfirmed, that someone within the facility wanted the Republic to discover it. While we can’t discount the possibility that this is an elaborate lure; the sensitive nature of the data suggests internal sabotage over an attempt to ambush.

  3. Data recovered from the facility has confirmed the long held suspicion that all of D’Kera’s warbirds were linked via a subspace IFF system, allowing users with the appropriate permissions access to real time location data on the fleet. The beacon for the IRW Liefvi is currently active. We believe we can access the other beacons from the Liefvi’s computers. Of note, the Liefvi did not visit the facility and has remained in the same region for as long as we’ve been tracking it.

It appears we’ve uncovered an operation nearing its completion. All information above is deemed acceptable for alliance distribution.