AAR| Hello Neighbor

Stardate 96446.8
CAPT Sel, Z.
Level 1 - Open

LOCATION: Leviosa II, formally SB-404 System, Alpha-7190 Sector

MISSION: Exploratory Backlog Mission 2419X9913-337 (originally 2257S47895-101)

OUTCOME: Success | Upon entering system, encountered new (eventually) friendly sentient species; successful First Contact and cultural exchange

CAPT Zaliel Sel
CMDR Abraham Cotte
LCDR Wimini Zolwink NPC
LT Victor Costillo
LT Ezreli Jarol
LT K'Nia

CMDR Hannah O'Dara

NARRATIVE: Upon approach of SB-404, the Brahe encountered an energy dampening field which inhibited most of its systems. With deflector systems disrupted, the ship sustained heavy damage to the port nacelle upon impact with an undetected asteroid, causing plasma containment ruptures in the vicinity of that section. Damage was significant enough that it necessitated shut down of the warp core to avoid breach. Once partial maneuverability was restored, the crew made several efforts to overcome the dampening field, to dwindling success. Eventually, an energy signature was detected, which suggested a scan or attempt at communications. As the Brahe approached, it encountered a vessel approximately three times its size.

Once communications were established, the commander of the alien vessel identified himself as Marshall Zacherle of the LRNS Guardian. The Marshall was initially skeptical of our presence and demanded to know if the Brahe was "aligned" with the Ferengi, stating a previous encounter with them ~30 years prior resulted in "many deaths" on their world.

With some effort, we were able to agree to a limited cultural exchange, where we sent data to reinforce our friendly disposition. Shortly thereafter, Marshal Zacherle requested to transport to the Brahe, along with a single escort, stating, "I need to look you [captain sel] in the eye," to ensure that this officer was telling the truth of our peaceful intentions.

This officer invited the Marshall aboard, requesting to move the setting to the conference room; however, the Marshall was not convinced he, who stood at ~3.5 meters, would comfortably stand there. Commander Cotte raised an objection to the Marshall's presence on the bridge and, in an effort to deescalate the situation and further show our peaceful intentions, this officer agreed to beam to the Marshall's vessel with a single escort.

Once appropriate to do so, Commander Cotte rightfully protested this suggestion, given concern for this officer's safety and security. However, this officer weighed those factors against:
  • The overwhelmingly superior tactical position of the Marshall's vessel relative to the Brahe's operating condition at the time
  • The Marshall's original proposal that he beam to the Brahe demonstrated, in this officer's opinion, a willingness to risk himself to make contact, which was only deterred by scale
  • The Marshall's insistence that it be this officer's eyes he looked into
  • An intuition that the Marshall would keep his word

This officer selected Commander O'Dara to accompany her, leaving Commander Cotte with instructions to prepare the ship for potential combat, but to take no provocative action unless hostilities ensued. At our request, the Marshall agreed to maintain an open visual feed of our contact so we may record this first interaction between our species. Shortly thereafter, Commander O'Dara and this officer were transported to what appeared to be Marshall Zacherle's Ready Room. He approached this officer, who maintained eye-contact, after which the Marshall proclaimed our trustworthiness.

What followed was a brief cultural exchange, with the agreement to arrange and accept delegates from each other's diplomatic corps. The Brahe was escorted from the dampening field and provided resources to aid in repairs.

As of the filing of this report, repairs are underway while additional diplomatic functions are arranged. This officer will append this report with any additional information gained from subsequent noteworthy encounters.

RECOMMENDATION: This officer recommends Command dispatch a diplomatic envoy as soon as practical to better engage with the Phillyian people. This officer recommends a vessel suitable to the imposing ~3.5 meter height.

Thank you Salek for hosting a fun event!