AAR: Incognito IV

TO 38th/Command
CC 38th/Intel; CMDR North;
SUBJECT Jodesq System SAR / Omega Directive

A representative of Starfleet Intelligence arrived on DS13 to give a briefing about a developing situation nearby. One of their operatives, Commander Alleya North had failed to report back while investigating the possible experimentation with Omega Molecules by Klingon Rebels. A team from the 38th Fleet was assembled with the dual objective of locating/rescuing Commander North and ensuring the completion of her mission: Locate and, if found, eliminate any Omega Molecules in order to ensure the safety of the region.

The team boarded the RRW Anarhai and proceeded to Commander North's last known location. Upon arriving in the Jodesq system, we received and traced an automated distress signal to an area of empty space. Theorizing that there may have been a cloaked vessel there, a tachyon sweep was performed.

We identified and recovered a Romulan Shuttle, that was reported missing from the Anarhai following a previous mission to Drozana Station. Linking with the shuttle's computer revealed that the occupant beamed out after setting the shuttle to fly a short distance away and remain cloaked. The distress beacon activated after a pre-set amount of time had passed without the occupant's return. Following the shuttle's flight path, we were able to determine the location of the facility that Commander North transported to. Scans indicated only a small crew compliment onboard the station, so a boarding party was prepared.

We beamed into an isolated part of the station and began moving towards the lifesigns. Most of the station had been shut down, and operations were only ongoing in a very small section of the base. We also discovered through examination of the facility's computers that the station possessed only a skeleton crew, with most of the remainder having been transferred off very recently. We proceeded to the area that was drawing the most power and neutralized the defenders. Here, we found what we'd feared: a stasis chamber containing a number of omega particles. One Klingon scientist was captured and beamed aboard the Anarhai.

Commander Brot'la and I began preparing to neutralize the molecules using modified gravimetric charges, while the rest of the team proceeded to search the rest of the station for any sign of Commander North. By the time the charges were set, the team had recovered the Commander, and we all transported back aboard the Anarhai. The detonation was successful, and scans indicated no remaining traces of Omega in the area.

Despite the success of the mission, we believe that there is still cause for concern. The recent personnel transfers as well as the large quantity of inactive stasis chambers similar to the one containing omega, suggest the possibility that additional molecules were present and were moved elsewhere prior to our arrival.

Participating Officers
CMDR Brot'la, R.
LT Loreih
LTJG Kermit, J.
SCMDR t'Veras, A. (RRF)
UHL De'arnese, J. (RRF)
Lareth, S. (Contractor)


Lieutenant James Kermit
Operations Department
Deep Space Thirteen
TO: CMDR Pangur; 38th/Command
CC: 38th/Intelligence; U.S.S. Vajra
SUBJ: RE: Jodesq System SAR / Omega Directive, APPEND #1

:: Standard Level 3 Encryption ::

Sir. Please find my report on my activites since my 91579.9 check-in detailed below.

As previously noted, I appropriated a Romulan shuttle in order to track an unregistered Ferengi Na'Far vessel, whose crew consisted of several Klingon researchers, all of which were formerly employed by the Empire.

Their first rendezvous was with the I.K.S. Kiosan in orbit of Ganalda Station, and what was discussed there or who they met with, I cannot say, since defenses were too thick for me to try anything but sit in cloak. I was able to log registries and track trajectories of arriving and departing shuttles to the vessel, which I have handed over to Intelligence to analyze.

Eventually the unregistered Na'Far departed from the Kiosan, and my best guess from scans indicated they had the same crew aboard, so I continued to track their progress into the Tiqchirgh sector, but lost them approaching as they seemed to disappear into the Jotesq System, which seems to be more asteroid fields than anything else. Utilizing a scattered scan field and sector search pattern allowed me to eventually locate a well-hidden research facility.

Surprisingly they had nothing in terms of orbital defenses. This allowed me to stay close to keep watch, but other than the infrequent departure traffic, I was not able to conclude anything about what activity was occurring on the station itself and none of my equipment indicated that there was any Omega presence in the area. Of course, this lack of positive identification was not sufficient reason for me to quit the lead, as Joint Command has made significant progress in developing stasis fields to hide the presence of Omega, so it's only reasonable to assume that the Klingons would be utilizing that here.

I have to admit to some anxiety at this point. The fact that so many personnel were leaving the station was cause for serious concern, that perhaps this facility had housed batch-17 previously, but no longer did. With the Vajra still several days away and unable to support, I chose to attempt a recon of the station, knowing that the significant decrease in personnel would make it easier for me to get around and likely the situation on station would be chaotic enough that people might not notice my presence.

After setting a time-delayed Federation call beacon, I beamed down to the station and set remote commands to the shuttle to retreat back and out of the way.

I was able to scope out three closed labs and what I found was not encouraging. Most of the systems had gone into purging cycles, which is usually an indicator of a heavy containment job just ending. It became paramount to attempt to find where the transferred personnel and particles were being moved to, so I tried to access a console to locate this information.

I was in the midst of downloading a location list of station transfer information when an unexpected guard patrol bore down on my location. Though I was trying to keep abreast of these changes, the facility was going through too many personnel shifts for there to be any predictable pattern, so it was a bit of combined carelessness and unluckiness on my part. They took the majority of my belongings, but I was able to hold onto the datachip with half the listing when they failed to search my person extensively enough.

Fortunately enough, due to the skeleton crew status of the facility, no one remaining aboard had significant enough authority to determine my fate with confidence, so they kept me in an externally-locked storage closet to await when one of their superior officers would return and make a decision on what to do with me. I was in there for, perhaps, roughly a day and a half when the officers from 38th arrived.

I have turned over all my data to Intelligence for review, including logs and mapped trajectories of vessels I encountered and observed, as well as the data from the facility, which may have been also duplicated by the Argo officers. I am hopeful that some of it will be useful in tracking down the remainders of Omega Batch-17 and am regretful that I was not able to achieve a more significant success here.

In the meantime, I understand the Vajra is temporarily detained as the results of my investigation thus far are being disseminated, thus I will await further instructions here on DS13.

CMDR North, A.
Intelligence Dept.
U.S.S. Vajra
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