AAR: Investigate Shahr System

Stardate: 93270.8AAR: Investigate Shahr SystemReport Submitted: CAPT Holmes, A.Classification Level 2

We were dispatched to the Shahr system to investigate a potential True Way base, with possible links to a terrorist cell operated by the presumed deceased Keth 6. Not a good combination to begin with. As the Dallas was undergoing a small refit and restock, I have temporarily joined the Rutledge crew as an observer.

The Shahr system itself is unaligned and an independent mining colony, primary operated by Cardassian's has been opened. Cardassians can often spell trouble with Starfleet, while the official diplomatic status with the Union is warm, some of the independent colonies and of course, the True Way, often still resent Starfleet.

We proceeded to the system and after an uneventful journey came across a convoy of freighters leaving the system. Captain Nimitz questioned the convoy regarding any possible locations of a base in the area, but was met with apprehension and we did not learn anything useful from them. Our scans turned up short as well, nothing illegal, restricted or controlled, but the usual expected supplies of various materials such as Golside, Tritanium, and Dilithium. One freighter was unusual in that it contained exclusively Self Sealing Stem Bolts. Nothing to warrant a further investigation, however.

Launching a number of probes into the system didn't shed any light either. There was nothing at the edge of the system, hidden in the asteroid belts. There was no bases on any moons, or even anything orbiting the gas giants in the system. Captain Nimitz ordered an away team to the surface, of which I was present as well, the Cardassian that greeted us was cordial and showed us around, ending at a clinic which was apparently set up by a Vorta, unfortunately we couldn't get a name of this Vorta, but the description matched that of Keth.

There was a heated exchange between the Doctor in charge of the clinic and Captain Nimitz, regarding the unauthorised nature of the scans taking place. I had to step in once Captain Nimitz began threatening the Doctor with razing the colony if the scans were not allowed to continue. Captain Nimitz returned to the Rutledge, relieving himself of duty, and I calmed the Doctor down. Once she was happy all the scans of the clinic were destroyed., Ensign Brecken returned to the Rutledge as well.

She agreed to be scanned by myself, not a detailed scan of course, but sufficient to see if the tell-tale genetic drift from cloning was present. It was not. I was also able to carry out a number of passive scans to get a non-detailed map of the clinic.

These scans did show an area beneath the clinic and a door in the floor which may allow access to it, they could only be a storage area, but perhaps it would be an idea to look there later. If we're allowed back to the planet again.

Captain Nimitz realises he stepped over the line, and has taken appropriate action for the circumstances. I pass further judgement to Argo Command Staff.

Communications Log
Complaint Raised by Doctor Anderson

Officers Involved:
CAPT Alistair Nimitz
CAPT Alexandria Holmes
CMDR Fiona Skye
LTCMDR Keri Verlin
ENS Harris Brecken
SGT Blarg

Captain Alexandria Holmes
Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Dallas