AAR: Journey at Warp Speed

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CAPT Bishop, S

After Action Report

LOCATION Deep Space, Ba’aja Sector.

MISSION Routine Patrol.

OUTCOME First Contact made with the Vellos.


  • CAPT S. Bishop
  • CAPT A. Nimitz
  • CMDR A. Samaras
  • CMDR S. zh’Lindresko
  • LT A. Niraj
  • ENS Thyzee
  • ENS R. Mitsuki

  • CPT G. Valencia
  • CPT E. Varerus

BACKGROUND The Vellos are inhabitants of Vellos Prime, located in the Vellos Sector in the Ba’aja Sector. It was last surveyed by the U.S.S. Plato in 2411 and the U.S.S. Andrew Yao in 2392. In 2392 they were seen to be in their industrial era, though it was estimated their civilisation was close to extinction due to increasing pollution. In 2411, it was surveyed that the Vellos population had shrunk by 85%.

NARRATIVE As the U.S.S. Endeavour was on a routine patrol, an explosion was detected in nearby space. There was no evidence of an attack, nor was there any communications sent. The U.S.S. Endeavour changed course to investigate. At the explosion site, scans confirmed that the explosion emulated a low power warp core breach, though there was no debris and a warp trail was leading away from the explosion. The U.S.S. Endeavour followed this warp trail where we encountered the Vellosian vessel.

The Vellos were very friendly, and this officer made First Contact. We were able to send a delegation consisting of the above officers, with the exception of this officer and Captain Valencia, who stayed on board the U.S.S. Endeavour to host the Vellos delegation.

Both delegations were welcomed warmly and the two parties eventually parted ways without incident.

RECOMMENDATION The Vellos are beginning to move towards warp 5 flight, though their methods of warp travel are rather unconventional. Starfleet should continue to establish friendly diplomatic relations with the Vellos, allowing them to develop at their own pace and offering assistance as deemed by the Prime Directive. It will be exciting to watch the Vellos continue to develop.

RECOGNITION All officers performed as expected.

OOC This is the AAR for the event Journey at Warp Speed. Event logs available on request. Thank you to those who attended, who had to put up with me RPing with myself, whilst also sending timely responses.

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