AAR: Fight or Flight

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CMDR Samaras, A

After Action Report

LOCATION Vellos Prime, Vellos System, Ba’aja Sector

MISSION Respond to a Vellosian request for assistance.

OUTCOME Vellos Prime deemed to be uninhabitable in two months time. Assistance in construction given to the Vellosian evacuation ship whilst further communications with the Vellosian government was established.


  • CMDR A. Samaras
  • CAPT A. Nimitz
  • LCDR S. Brex
  • LT C. Mirez
  • ENS S. Miyawaki (NPC)

  • CPT G. Valencia
  • CPT E. Varerus

BACKGROUND After a successful first contact with the Vellosians, fleet command received a message from the Vellosians with a request for assistance. The U.S.S. Endeavour was sent to the Vellos System to respond to the communiqué.

NARRATIVE Upon arrival in the system, we found a large ship in orbit (image attached).

Spaceship image

((ooc - it’s in space in reality))

Scans of the ship revealed it was under construction, approximately 80% complete. The expected capacity of the ship was around 10 million inhabitants. The scans of the planet showed the planet was increasingly becoming unstable, with an increase of temperature from the planetary core; this was caused by previous mining techniques from the Vellosians, that they had long since abandoned.

Contact was made and after Captain Nimitz spoke to the Vellosian representative, a discussion ensued; the planet had a population of 13 million, the capacity of the ship only 10 million. The Vellosians asked us for assistance in the completion of their evacuation ship, but we were concerned about the ones who were to stay on the planet. A second plan was discussed about the possibility of cooling the planet down, either permanently or temporarily to allow for more time for the evacuation.

It was decided that we attempt to boost the ship’s warp speed so that it could make the evacuation journey twice, and myself, Captain Valencia, and Lieutenant Mirez beamed over to the ship to assist in the repairs. Captain Nimitz and Captain Varerus decided to beam to the planet to speak to the Vellosian Prime Minister, to see how else we could help the Vellosians.

The engineering away team worked excellently, managing to boost the warp speed of the ship to a maximum of warp 7, with a continuous cruise speed of warp 5, an increase from a maximum warp speed of warp 5.

With these repairs complete, the team returned to the U.S.S. Endeavour.

RECOMMENDATION A regular group of engineering and science personnel be working with the Vellosians in order to both complete their ship before schedule so that they can launch earlier, allowing for two evacuation trips to rescue the entire Vellosian population, as well as attempting to prevent the destruction of their planet.

RECOGNITION Lieutenant Mirez, though rather crass in her approach to the ancient technology of the Vellosians, nonetheless approached the situation admirably and her work was crucial to the repairs to the Vellosian ship.

Captain Nimitz, in a rather atypical manner, was an excellent diplomat; from his debrief with myself and a follow-up message from the Vellosian Prime Minister, it was shown that his manner contributed to the continued successful interactions with the Vellosians.

OOC This is the AAR for the event Fight or Flight. Event logs available on request.