AAR: Exodus at Warp

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CMDR Samaras, A

After Action Report

LOCATION Vellos Prime, Vellos System, Ba’aja Sector

MISSION Witness the launch of the Vellosian evacuation vessel, V.S. Filos.

OUTCOME V.S. Filos experienced issues after launch; away team was deployed to repair the ship. The ship continued her journey without any further issue.


  • CAPT A. Nimitz
  • CAPT A. Holmes
  • CMDR A. Samaras
  • ENS S. Miyawaki
  • ENS Thyzee

BACKGROUND With their planet experiencing a cataclysmic destruction event in the next few months, the Vellos constructed an evacuation ship in order to move their entire population. After supplies and assistance from Starfleet, the Vellos were finally ready to launch their ship.

NARRATIVE After a short reception led by the Vellosian Prime Minister, the Vellos ship was ready to launch. However, as the Vellosians celebrated the launch, a communication from the ship indicated that the ship was experiencing an engine overload. We later learnt that this was due to a failure of powering up their deflectors before launch, causing a collision with an asteroid as the ship passed an asteroid field, causing a significant overload in the engine.

This officer mustered the above officers on the U.S.S. Bark to catch up and attempt to fix the Vellos ship, whilst the U.S.S. Endeavour, U.S.S. Dallas, and U.S.S. Pegasus prepare to evacuate the ten million Vellos on the ship. The U.S.S. Pegasus then caught up with the U.S.S. Bark and provided assistance in the form of external repairs by workbees and DOTs, as well as providing a cover to minimise further asteroid impact on the Vellos ship whilst we conducted repairs.

This officer and Ensign Miyawaki beamed over to the bridge of the Vellos ship in order to assist in the shield and deflector repairs to prevent further damage, whilst Captain Holmes and Ensign Thyzee beamed to engineering in order to stabilise the core.

From the combined efforts of both teams, and Captain Nimitz’s repairs from the U.S.S Pegasus, crisis was averted, and the Vellos vessel continued on her journey.

RECOMMENDATION No action is necessary.

RECOGNITION Captain Holmes performed exceptionally when she led her team in engineering, preventing the ship from exploding with the loss of many lives. She is to be commended for her actions.

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CAPT Holmes, A.

After Action Report Supplemental

SUPPLEMENTAL NARRATIVE This supplemental is to chronicle the events that transpired within the Engineering section of the Vellosian vessel.

Ensign Thyzee and I beamed aboard directly to the Engineering section where the situation was in chaos. I flagged down the Chief Engineer and got a high level conceptual overview of the engine systems and layout.

The new Vellosian engine design utilizes an interesting mix of their older technologies and safety enhancements suggested by the Endeavour’s engineering team during their last mission. Without these improvements, it is my opinion that the vessel would not have survived its collision.

While less efficient than dilithium regulated reactions, their “warp crystal” design is an interesting solution to warp travel.

The “warp crystals” are a form of hyper-condensed and solidified gamma-series element, infused with antigraviton particles. By bombarding these crystals with a focused antiproton beam, the antigravitons are released with 0.822 MeV of photon energy which reacts with a deuterium slurry to produce antigraviton enriched plasma which is capable of reducing the effective mass of the surrounding space while simultaneously raising the speed of light within the field. This allows Vellosian vessels to achieve faster than light travel with negligible relativistic time dilation effects.

Once a crystal has been drained of antigraviton particles, further antiproton absorption results in the crystal shattering releasing lethal levels of Cerenkov radiation, however this radiation can be used as sublight propulsion with ingenious use of solar sails.

I instructed Ensign Thyzee to establish the forcefield she had suggested to ensure that any further impacts would not destabilize the damaged core further. The warp crystal currently in the core had already begun to shatter and I made the decision to flood the core with deuterium and anti-deuterium from the Dallas.

The resultant Matter/Anti-Matter Reaction within the core acted as a controlled explosion destroying the crystal and limiting the amount of Cerenkov radiation to a non-lethal exposure level. The energy release was directed away from the engines and to the shielding systems where the energy was vented at the cost of the shield emitters.

All personnel present in Engineering received an Arithrazine dose from Dallas medical staff.

RECOGNITION Ensign Thyzee's assistance was invaluable in protecting the core from further damage, her actions and suggestions saved the lives of millions of Vellosians.

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