AAR: USS Dallas | Supply run to the Vellos System

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CAPT Holmes, A.

After Action Report

LOCATIONVellos Prime, Vellos System, Ba’aja Sector

MISSION Deliver supplies and technical expertise following Vellosian request for assistance.

OUTCOME Supplies and personnel delivered, planetary incident delayed but not averted.


  • CAPT Holmes, A. E.
  • CMDR S’Vesta, J.
  • LCDR Brex, S. J.

NARRATIVE Upon arrival at Vellos Prime, Dallas observed that construction efforts of the Vellosian Ark ship have been progressing nicely since the Endeavour’s visit. We hailed the governing body and confirmed transport coordinates, beaming down the supplies and personnel we had picked up from the Nolo Colony.

While undergoing transport cycle, sensors detected a Vellosian shuttlecraft on a collision course. At Beta+1:40, Dallas moved to Yellow Alert, raised shields and caught the shuttle in a tractor beam. After verifying they were unharmed, Dallas stepped down and lowered shields. Dr Poltos, one of the occupants of the shuttle beamed aboard to discuss his work, while Lieutenant Commander Brex beamed over to assist with repairs and calibrations on the Vellosian shuttle.

The Doctor explained how his team had been attempting to drill into the crust of the planet and inject a denatitonian seloxide mix into the mantle, however the casing used for the mix began to break down too early due to the temperatures.

The data supplied by Dr Poltos was a solid state storage device, physically incompatible with our systems, but the data itself would still be readable. I linked a molecular scanner and transporter pattern buffer to create a virtual duplicate of the device, simulating the electrical states within the computer and setting up an isolated system with compatible software.

The computer was quickly able to extrapolate the data and give a new set of firing coordinates. Commander S’Vesta was able to adapt our phaser bank to fire in a suitable method to penetrate planetary crust and the governing body was notified of our intention. We carried out the incision and Lieutenant Commander Brex deployed the upgraded canisters from the Vellosian shuttle.

The data returned a partial success, the canister still burst slightly early but due to the increased power of incision, it was able to make some effect. Fire was ceased before the crust destabilised and no secondary effects were noted.

RECOMMENDATION While the efforts of the Dallas had delayed the overheating of the Vellosian planetary interior, the effect is still being observed. Ongoing assistance with the evacuation should be kept up.

RECOGNITION Lieutenant Commander Brex’s worth with the Vellosian teams ensured greater success than with the materials the Vellosians had attempted to use, resulting in the overall success of the mission.

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