AAR: K-5617 System Survey

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CAPT Andrej A. Timoreev, USS Attar

LOCATION K-5617 System

MISSION Preliminary survey for assessing feasibility of Irreo relocation.

OUTCOME System extensively surveyed, data collected, processed, and analyzed. Suitable site located on K-5617 I.


  • CAPT Andrej A. Timoreev, USS Attar

NARRATIVE Upon request by the Diplomatic Corps for finding a suitable site for the relocation of Irreo people, the USS Attar has been dispatched to K-5617 to survey the system and its planetary bodies. Upon entering the system, it almost immediately appeared clear that the most suitable candidate for a settlement was to be K-5617 I. Based on this assessment, the CO ordered the ship to reach the planet, while dispatching two Class IV probes, one near the main star, the other to the edges of the system, with the objective of combining their results to obtain the most thourough mapping of all stellar phenomena inside the system.
K-5617 I is a M-class planet of relatively small size, standard atmosphere, oxygen component at 35%, and gravity at half of Earth standard, with abundant flora and the presence of primitive fauna. Once in orbit, a Planetary Assessment Team has been dispatched to the surface under the orders of the CO in order to establish a ground base and proceed with further data collection and preliminary analysis. The experience of the away team on the surface substantially confirmed the first assessment of K-5617 I as suitable for life.
The USS Attar has remained in the system for a whole week, together with the Planetary Assessment Team, and this time has allowed for the collection of an unvaluable amount of data both about the system as a whole and K-5617 I.
Of particular interest has been the discovery of interesting subatomic interactions happening inside the rings of K-5617 V, which the CSO has preliminarily attributed to the presence of high-density quantum alloys. The fauna on K-5617 I also shows remarkable properties that has allowed for intersting hypotheses on the development of underground animal life on the planet.

RECOMMENDATION It is the opinion of this officer that K-5617 I could be an excellent site for Irreo relocation. The whole system presents characteristic that make it suitable for hosting a settlement. I also wish to acknowledge the suggestion of my Xenobiologist officer, Lt. Sumida, of establishing a more permanent observation post on the planet for the collection of more data on such an interesting life-breeding world.

OOC Thanks to @Aev for this mission, part of the Kelterre System Surveys.