Diplomatic Report: Reestablishing Contact with Echomet

Filed By:
LT Stern, U.


MISSION Reestablish diplomatic contact with the World Union and ascertain the feasibility of resuming Nation of Irreo relocation efforts.

OUTCOME World Union has given approval for relocation to proceed, however the limited number of partcipants raises concerns.


  • Lieutenant Ulrich Stern

NARRATIVE Upon arrival, I met with members of the World Union to reestablish formal diplomatic contact. Damage from the Terran incursion is still visible across essentially every sphere of society, but recovery efforts seem to be progressing well. Their government seems more than happy to allow the relocation to continue, but it was made clear there would be no support from the government at any stage of the process. This will be a purely Federation effort. I’ve attached several supplementary reports that go into more detail about their rebuilding efforts, but the government seemed less than interested in any Federation support.

Once my meetings with the World Union concluded I traveled out make contact with the Nation of Irreo members who’d expressed interest in being relocated. I’d estimate that no more than 500 of them actually want to relocate, the majority of them government workers and their families. The consensus among the population was that private sector employment is far less discriminatory and most Irreo are perfectly content in their daily lives.

I can’t speak to the feasibility of a colony with so few colonists, but that number seems to be on the very edge of what would work, especially considering that a portion of that 500 will be dependents. However, from the diplomatic perspective we are clear to proceed.

RECOMMENDATION The diplomatic stage of this process has concluded. The next steps are reviewing planetary survey data, selecting a suitable location, and establishing a colony. Transport for those that wish to relocate will need to be arranged.