AAR: Legacy of Revolution

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CAPT Morton, Coby

LOCATION Tri’vokil Colony

MISSION Mediate dispute between the recognised Government Tri’vokil Free-State and the union party United Assembly of Tri’vokil.

OUTCOME Mission parameters Changed.


  • CMDR t’Velal, Nathes
  • CAPT Tungsten, Drake
  • CAPT Morton, Coby

NARRATIVE As requested during Gamma rotation, this officer met with Captain Tungsten aboard Deep Space Thirteen in Operations to hear a briefing hosted by Commander t’Velal in regards to a request for mediation from the Romulan colony world of Tri’vokil between it’s government the Tri’vokil Free-State and growing party the United Assembly of Tri’vokil.

After getting an understanding of the state of affairs three vessels, a mixture of both Federation and Romulan Republic assets, made way for the colony to discuss with the Free-State their desires and how we could be of assistance.

Once arrived the away party were soon approached by their leader, the Praetor, and it became immediately apparent the request for mediation was in fact a ploy to lure Federation and Republic assets into discussion regarding a separate matter; a number of Free-State vessels had lost contact and were presumed missing.

This officer initially provided a warning to the Praetor that this diplomatic envoy of officers would not involve themselves in the politics of an external colony or planet without just-cause under the assumption that the following allegations being made may be against the secondary party, the United Assembly of Tri’vokil. This prompted Tri’vokil’s legitimate leader to release suspicion and in confession state the resulting missing flotilla elements may be due to Romulan Star Empire vessels returning to the planet.

Following this information we received documents and verbal narrative as to the last known whereabouts of the lost flotilla, as well as the Free-State’s desire to reconcile with the United Assembly of Tri’vokil for the sake of the colonies population should Tal-Shiar elements be hostile.

This officer received a formal request for assistance investigating the potential involvement of the Star Empire to which the landing party explained it will be taken to Starfleet 38th Fleet Command. It was also stated that while officers await response from command, these claims would be taken seriously and would investigate thoroughly as a neutral party until further interdiction is permitted. Vessels October, Dragon and Virin remained in orbit for a duration to consider these claims as well as offer deterrent.

RECOMMENDATION It’s this officers recommendation that Starfleet 38th Fleet Command authorise this request for assistance investigating Star Empire involvement and hostile intent. While initial subterfuge created some minor animosity and distrust, it’s clear the governing body of Tri-vokil is deeply concerned for the safety of his populace and hopes this endeavour will also broaden coalition between the two major factions of the planet and eventually lead to further converse with galactic powers.

The Praetors confession of using Star Empire efforts to quell the uprising seen on the colony in 2409 was alarming and certainly beyond coincidence, however no direct conclusions of hostile asset involvement can be made at this time.

A contingent should be sent to representatives of the United Assembly of Tri’vokil to continue discussions in both their original request for mediation and for further information regarding potential Star Empire activity. It’s this officer’s opinion that a stronger Republic presence may benefit this assignment.

There is the potential for a number of explanations for the disappearance of these Free-State vessels and this officer will not jump to conclusions until discovering further information, that stated the possibility of Star Empire elements causing the loss of a significant number of vessels is a threat that should be viewed seriously.

RECOGNITION Commander t’Velal lead the indepth mission briefing on the original objective parameters with thorough detail and handled herself with conduct befitting an officer representing the Romulan Republic and the United Federation of Planets.

This officer is very grateful for Captain Tungsten’s presence and experience, the mentioned officer provided keen insight and presented the Praetor warmly with our overall desire to assist this colony in any way possible within our purview, to which was received positively and provided the necessary open-door for further diplomatic efforts against this officers more protected stance.

OOC Mission Briefing: June 4th: Legacy of Revolution

Had great fun into the very late morning with this, thank you to @Garak234 for hosting and @DrakeTungsten for offering the open hand to progress. Also forgot the Praetors name >_> So will add that in a moment.

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ADDENDUM Republic Intelligence followed up on the above report filed by Captain Morton in regards to the disappearance of half of the Tri’vokil flotilla. Sources and methods have been omitted from this report. Intelligence is graded as high confidence.

Extreme caution responding to Tri’vokil should be exercised. There are strong indications that half the Tri’vokil flotilla are now a hostile party supported by or directly under the command of the Star Empire. Further, Imperial forces in the area are under the command of one Commander Var’kil. Var’kil has a long history of targeting splinter planets and successfully reintegrating them into the Empire, often through force. Current intelligence places the missing ships within the Valdore Nebula, close enough to respond to Tri’vokil on short notice.

Additional intelligence efforts should ascertain the allegiance and motivations of Subcommander V’ael and Commander Laiek. Both Tri’vokil officers have links to the disappearing flotilla forces and are not to be trusted at this time.