AAR: Nuzoth, Asaid Peace Talks

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CAPT Hanson, Rose

After Action Report

LOCATION Krekt System, Ba’aja Sector.

MISSION Begin peace negotiations between the Nuzoth and The Asaid

OUTCOME Temporary ceasefire put in place.


NARRATIVE The Mago had arrived in the Krekt system, to rebegin peace negotiations between the Asaid and Nuzoth. However upon arrival we were met by the two sides fleets facing off against once another looking like they ready to begin combat at any moment.

We quickly hailed the lead vessels for both sides, but neither military leader had any real idea of why we were there, and told them that peace was not an option. I set Cadet Aetah off to try and get us into contact with the diplomats on the Nuzoth capital and began approaching the capital. As we approached, we were hailed and told to turn back or risk being fired upon with some warning shots just barley scraping by the Mago.

The Cadet was able to get us into contact with the Nuzoth, and then the Asaid and it was there we were able to begin talk of a new ceasefire to be put into place. Both sides were reluctant as neither wanted to be the first to deescalate their fleets, but a compromise was made. A small contingent of Starfleet Vessels will take the place of the two fleets and patrol boarders and ensure security. With the ceasefire in place peace negotiations can now properly begin.

During this Captain Nimitz began to investigate our theory of a third party source supporting the Nuzoth, after a tactical analysis had shown that the Nuzoth tech was almost as advanced as ours, which is very strange for a race that have been refugees for a very long time. He was unable to track just one source as he found technology from all over the place including some Federation technology.

We informed Captain Bishop quickly of the situation, and presented to him our findings and ideas, Captain Nimitz recommends we set up a sting operation to try and catch a potential third party, while Cadet Aetah recommended that the Asimov also be brought in to monitor the system as a buoy.

RECOMMENDATION The situation is very delicate, peace negotiations must continue. I believe we should also go forward with the sting operation, this third party may well be trying to remove Federation influence in this system which would put some of colonies in danger as many of them rely on the Cargo conveys that are run by the Asaid. But we also cannot ignore the Nuzoth’s legitimate claim to the system and thus must find compromise in the peace talks.

OOCFrom the impromptu event run by Sam!

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ENS Mara

On Call Response

LOCATION Norit Station, Noriu System, Ba’aja Sector.

MISSION Gather intelligence on who is supplying the Nuzoth.

OUTCOME Intelligence gained.


  • CMDR Sakkhet
  • CMDR H. O’Dara
  • ENS Mara

BACKGROUND During the routine patrol of the Krekt System, the U.S.S. Asimov detected a merchant ship enter the system on the Nuzoth side of the system. A Nuzoth ship moved to intercept, whilst an Asaid ship also noticed this ship but did not cross the ceasefire line. After a transport was detected from the merchant ship to the Nuzoth ship, the merchant ship then warped away.

NARRATIVE This officer informed Commander Sakkhet that we may be able to gain more intelligence if we followed the ship. The commander agreed and we followed the ship to the Noriu System, where the Norit trading station is. Norit Station is one of the major trading ports in this sector, operating outside of Federation and Empire jurisdiction, but having a very positive and productive relationship with both.

Commander Sakkhet allowed this officer and Commander O’Dara to beam aboard the station to gather information. The away team managed to uncover the name of Voreth who seems to be the person who pays the merchants who travel to the Krekt System, and the name of the Nuzoth contact who arranges the items needed for transport, Bot Milz.

RECOMMENDATION This officer will attempt to gain more information about Voreth and Bot Milz. If Command requires, we can look into having a ship disguised as a merchant ship and complete a drop.

RECOGNITION All officers performed to a satisfactory level.

OOC This was an unscheduled intelligence-gathering mission. Event logs available on request. Thanks to Nimitz and O’Dara for having to postpone the event the first time.