Asimov Deployment to Ba'aja Sector

To: CMDR Sakkhet @Nimitz
CC: LCDR Sideris, N. @Calyx
From: CAPT Varley, L.
Subj: Asimov Deployment

Commander Sakkhet. Are you up to date on your bridge command procedures?

I’ve got orders that require the deployment of the Asimov to the Ba’aja sector. Captain Hanson has recently engaged in talks between the Asaid and the Nuzoth peoples, two factions of the Krekt system with presently hostile relations. For now they’ve agreed to a ceasefire and Starfleet presence to help enforce that ceasefire. To that end, the Asimov will be deployed to the Krekt system to enter a standard patrol pattern.

There’s more to the job, though. We have reason to believe that the Nuzoth are being supplied by a third party. The equipment they’re using is better than what our intelligence tells us they should have, and in some cases appears to be Federation in origin. Intelligence is on the task of discerning how they’re getting their paws on this equipment, and the Asimov will assist in this effort by keeping sensors pointed at all vessels that enter the system with the goal of spotting whoever they’re dealing with. Naturally it would be best that this task be kept need-to-know.

You’re my first pick for command of the Asimov, and at your discretion you can gather a crew. I’m attaching relevant reading below and adding Commander Sideris to this message chain so that you can keep eachother informed.

Captain Lauren Varley
Commanding Officer, Deep Space 13
38th Fleet ‘Argo’

//ATTACHMENT// AAR: Nuzoth,Asaid Peace Talks


To: CAPT L. Varley
CC: LCDR N. Sideris
From: CMDR Yourname
Subj: CMDR Sakkhet

Understood Captain, my crew has been chosen and we are ready to depart.

Commander Sakkhet
Chief of Operations, Deep Space 13