AAR: Oasis

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LT Reyes, M

After Action Report

LOCATION Drauth III, Drauth System, Ba’aja Sector

MISSION Planetary Survey

OUTCOME Survey disrupted by plants secreting aphrodisiacs


  • LT M. Reyes
  • ENS R. Mitsuki
  • ENS A. Terik

  • CAPT A. Nimitz
  • CAPT T. Nimitz
  • CMDR V’lol
  • LCDR Klaarna

BACKGROUND The U.S.S. Endeavour began to survey the Drauth System, previously identified by long-range scans from Deep Space Thirteen. The system contained five planetary bodies. The third planet in the system contained an M-Class atmosphere.

Drauth III is a hot desert planet, mostly covered by sand. There are three main bodies of water, all in self-contained lakes. There are a number oases dotted around the landscape, where there is an abundance of lush vegetation and life. Whilst some of these were near obvious water supplies, others were seemingly in areas where there was no water. Furthermore, scans from the ship showed little underground water supplies, certainly not enough to sustain such vegetation.

A team, led by this officer, and assisted by officers from the U.S.S. Pegasus, was sent to get more detailed scans.

NARRATIVE This officer divided the away team into three groups. CAPTs Nimitz were to examine the flora, CMDR V’lol and LCDR Klaarna were to take soil samples, and ENSs Mitsuki and Terik were to accompany me in observing the fauna.

During the surveys, it was identified that some of the members of the team were affected by an aphrodisiac that was being dispersed from the plant life. CAPT T. Nimitz and CMDR V’lol seemed unaffected by this, but the others were affected.

A counteracting agent was synthesised by the science team on the U.S.S. Pegasus, which was dispersed to the away team. This was effective in treating CAPT A. Nimitz and LCDR Klaarna, but was ineffective in treating this officer and the two Ensigns. We were beamed back to the ship to undergo further treatment.

RECOMMENDATION A counter agent can be synthesised to combat the aphrodisiac which would allow ground teams to survey the area unharmed. Due to the fact that the aphrodisiac affects different biologies differently, a special antidote will be needed for each species, but this should not be an issue. It is hypothesised that the plants secrete the aphrodisiac to allow the fauna on the planet to reproduce quickly in order to combat the harsh environment.

Soil samples seem to show very nutrient-poor topsoil, but strangely nutrient-rich bottom soil, though these were not naturally occurring nutrients (ie. they did not fully match the nutrients that were exhibited in the flora or fauna on the surface). Further studies are required.

RECOGNITION All members of the away team performed as expected.

OOCThis is the AAR for the event Oasis. Event logs available on request. Thank you to participants for acting exceptionally aphrodisiaced!