AAR: Operation: Pandora's Box

Stardate 94090.5
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Kelterre Sector

MISSION: Operation Pandora's Box

OUTCOME: Tracked cargo successfully planted with Branded Lady forces. Additional recovery of prisoners and computer core from disabled vessel.


CAPT Cynis [IKS Daramar]
CAPT Levesley [USS Camelot]
CAPT Nimitz [USS Akagi]
CAPT Se'Lai [USS Valley Forge]
CAPT Timoreev [USS Attar]
CAPT Vel [USS Midway]
CMDR Zh'Zhavis
LCDR al Firawn
LCDR Eunbi
LCDR Keliaya

USS Astraeus
USS Republic

NARRATIVE: Following our mission brief to bring all personnel up to speed with the latest amendments to the operational plan; task force vessels were deployed along the freighter route with USS Astraeus and Republic patrolling the start [legia] and end [new circini] systems, and USS Midway conducting her routine escort of the convoy. The remainder of the task force was dispersed intermittently along the trade route to provide both optimum coverage and believable distress call responses.

As anticipated, the Branded Lady forces jumped the convoy en route and Midway engaged with 'Ghost' fighter squadron. After putting up a sufficient fight, the Midway triggered false sensor readings of core failure and began a retreat while signalling the rest of the task force with a general distress call. IKS Daramar was first on scene and reliably quick to make it's presence felt. Valley Forge arrived shortly afterwards and maneuvered to protect the fleeing freighters as we had - by this time - received confirmation from the Midway that all of the tracked cargo had been removed. We were closely followed by the Camelot and Attar; Camelot making full utilization of it's lance [which incidentally was the only weapon to breach the shields of the heavy 'salvage ship' which appeared later in the frey]. USS Akagi arrived after the Attar, aiding with efforts against the remaining vessels. USS Endeavour also responded to the general distress call, but was unfortunately too far away and the need for assistance had already passed by the time their response was received.

As unfortunate as it was to engage in combat on this scale; it was not unforeseen on this occasion and despite some regrettable losses from the Midway, our task force prevailed with - overall - minimal damage and casualty counts [including the maco squads manning the freighters who reported no casualties]. The enemy salvage ship escaped in escort of a modified freighter and fleeing frigate, though hull fragments were recovered from it along with a disabled heavy cruiser.

RECOMMENDATION: Prisoners detained by USS Camelot to be suitably processed. Recovered [98%] of cruiser computer core requires in depth decryption and analysis. Monitoring of the tracked cargo should likely be taken up by SFI. Tactical analysis of new data on heavy salvage ship may yield new results to aid in future engagements.

OOC: This is from the Valley Forge episode: Warpbait. If I've unintentionally misrepresented your character's actions, misspelled their names, got their rank incorrect, et cetera, please send me a PM over enjin and I'll make the necessary edits. For those so interested, the full capture of this story including chat logs is available at the ST:TTV season 2 episodic here - episode 3.