AAR: Operation Roadblock

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Captain Maikull Barron

LOCATION Risa/Orion Sector border

MISSION Hold ‘The Other’ and Terran Fleet Advance towards the Sol System

OUTCOME [Failure]


  • VADM Aluk [USS Atlantis] =DESTROYED=
  • CAPT Morton [USS October] =Missing in Action=
  • CAPT Jhonson [USS Cod] =DESTROYED=
  • CAPT Resehn [USS Kearsarge]
  • CAPT Barron [USS Alexander]
  • CAPT Nimitz, T [USS Scharnhorst] =DESTROYED=
  • CMDR Davin [RRW D’Ishae] =Missing in Action=

By order of Starfleet command, 38th Fleet’s “Task Force One” consisting of the above ships were to proceed to the Risa/Orion Sector border and halt the Terran advance there. Reports indicate that an entity known as ‘The Other’ was advancing with Terran Escort to the Sol System, we were to halt its advance to allow a proper defense to be mounted at Core Federation Worlds.

‘TFO’ arrived on location with minutes to spare before engaging Hostile Terran Forces:

Terran Forces
  • ‘The Other’ Spatial Entity
  • ISS Crusher [Dreadnought] =DESTROYED=
  • ISS Lincoln [Cruiser]
  • ISS Newton [Cruiser]
  • ISS Stamets [Science Vessel]
  • ISS Pawnee [Escort]

The first Round of Engagement saw the Crippling of the ISS Crusher [Dreadnaught] which attempted to Fire a Phaser Lance at the Scharnhorst. While Coordination with the fleet was commendable, ‘The Other’ Launched a full Plasma Volley at all Task Force ships, crippling shields with a single hit, and destroying the USS Atlantis upon contact. With the loss of VADM Aluk, USS October was Elected Task Force Flagship, under the Command of Captain Morton.

The ISS Crusher was destroyed by the USS October, as another back-and-forth clash between Federation and Terran Forces continued. The USS Alexander bared much of the brunt of the Terran Fleet’s second attack as ‘The Other’ charged for another volley. The second attack from the Entity causes the loss of both USS Cod and USS Scharnhorst, and once again buckles the shields of the remaining Task Force Ships.

Knowing the turn of the battle was not in our favor, Flag Officer CAPT Morton ordered the Remaining Task Force ships to withdraw back to the Federation Defensive line in the Vulcan Sector, as Per VAML Aluk’s prior standing orders. USS Alexander and USS Kearsarge were the only two confirmed to have left the system. The Status of the USS October, and RRW D’Ishae are…‘Unconfirmed’.

Any ship struck by ‘The Others’ 12th Power Plasma weapon without shields will be immediately destroyed. Recommend ​further engagements focus on defensive posture, and maintaining shield strength. A weakness in ‘The Other’ must be found to directly engage it. Two Fleets would be recommended, (1) to Engage ‘The Other’ while (2) engages the Terran Escorting Fleet. As the two of them combined were more than enough to overwhelm the Standing Task Force.

A Blanket recognition is not enough for the valiant efforts of those who put their lives on the line, and those who were lost in the effort to defend the federation against this overwhelming force.

Starfleet Command picked up the remaining task force members on approach and re-directed us to Jupiter Station in the Sol System to coordinate with the Defensive Fleet being prepared there. Enroute at Maximum Warp.

OOC Holy Batflaps Folks! Thanks to Kermit for running this! That was a wild ride (Especially when everyone started shooting at me). Now off to coordinate defense with the Sol System. Nothing can go wrong when we team up with everyone else…right?

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LCDR Burov, K.

ADDENDUM Report made via Starfleet Intelligence relay from Starbase 24.

Following withdrawal of starships Alexander and Kearsarge, long range sensor arrays monitored the destruction of USS October and RRW D’Ishae, along with at least one additional Terran cruiser, presumably ISS Newton.

Operation Roadblock Task Force 2 arrived shortly thereafter and engaged the enemy:

  • USS Attar
  • USS Dragon
  • USS Niamh
  • USS Saratoga
  • RRW Tovanal
  • IKS Qul Cha’bIp
  • SCS Shal Tek

Long range sensors monitored the second engagement. All listed vessels were destroyed by The Other, after inflicting further Terran losses.

Operation Roadblock Task Force 3 was unable to reach the designated location before the Terran force proceeded on course for the Vulcan Sector. Total delay thanks to this operation has been approximately 12 hours. The Other is now expected to reach Sol within 72 hours.