Defense of Jupiter

OOC This follows on from AAR: Operation Roadblock, and is the Battle of Jupiter, as shown in The Fujiwhara Effect.

October, D’Ishae, all our fighters are aboard. See you at Vulcan. Godspeed,” the Trill calls over intership comms. She turns to the Bolian helm officer. “Get us to Vulcan, maximum warp.”

“Aye, Captain. Course already set,” the young ensign replies.

“Then let’s get out of here.”

Despite looking like its stopped, the Kearsarge throttles up, before launching forwards, past the speed of light and towards Vulcan. Captain Resehn slumps back in her chair, head in her hands. She sighs softly. “Commander Stror. I’ll be in my ready room. You have the conn,” she tells the Vulcan XO sitting beside her. After receiving the Vulcan’s nod, she gets up and heads for the ready room off the bridge to wait out the couple hour long flight to Vulcan. She lies down on the couch, PADD in hand, reading the various reports from the recent Terran invasion.

After about an hour, Sinih’s desk terminal chimes. Accepting the incoming call, she is pleasantly surprised to see the face of Captain Barron Maikull, the captain of the other known vessel to escape the recent engagement with The Other and its Terran taskforce. “Captain. What can I do for you?”

“Not much, I’m afraid. Starfleet has ordered us to divert to Sol. We are to rendezvous with the IKS Bortasqu’ at Jupiter.”

“Understood. Does Starfleet have any way of defeating The Other?”

Maikull just shrugs. “If they do, I don’t know.”

Sinih nods. “Understood. See you at Jupiter. Kearsarge out.” She taps her commbadge. “Helm, this is Captain Resehn. We have been ordered to divert to Jupiter at best possible speed.”

Kearsarge drops out of warp above Jupiter Station, and is immediately hailed by the IKS Bortasqu’

“Ah. Captain. You made it. Good. The Terran fleet is approaching at high warp, and we have little time. Jupiter Station is receiving a defense upgrade to its holographic defense stations. Once that has been completed, you are to coordinate with the Alexander and assist in defending the evacuation ships,” says Koren over the viewscreen.

“Of course, Captain. Good luck to you in this battle.”

The Klingon merely nods before severing the connection. Sinih sighs. “FlyCo. Get ALL our fighters in the air. All of them. AEW&C and EW as well. Coordinate with Alexander’s wing as well. Helm, get us over to Alexander and form up with them. Tactical, ready torpedoes, charge phasers, shields up, and get that CIWS system working.” After receiving an acknowledgement from each of the stations, she murmurs to herself, “Never has so much been owed by so many to so few,” and looks towards the ship’s dedication plaque, where those words are inscribed. The Trill opens a ship-wide channel. “To the Pilots and Crew of the USS Kearsarge. In less than an hour we will be engaging the Terran forces. Today we are here to defend not just the Federation, but also Klingon Empire and the Romulan Republic. For if we fail today, who knows what The Other and the Terran forces will do. We are fighting for freedom. We will not go quietly. We will not vanish without a fight. Today, we show the Terrans why they should never mess with the Federation. Some of you may know the credo of the Jem’Hadar – ‘Victory is Life.’ This credo is especially true for us today, for if we fail, well… let’s not think about that.” She kills the comm channel, just as Maikull’s voice is heard over the bridge speakers.

“Captain Resehn. The Alexander’s fighter wing is under your control today. We will be doing what we did two days ago. Good luck, Kearsarge.”

“And to you, Alexander. I’ll make sure to pass on the fighter transfer on to FlyCo. Kearsarge out.” And with that, Sinih killed the line, before notifying FlyCo that they were now also controlling the Alexander’s wing.

No sooner had Sinih notified FlyCo, than the Red Alert Klaxon sounded. The Terrans were here. An alert came through from Jupiter Station, that Terran ships were attacking Projector Alpha.

“Helm, make us as difficult to target as possible. Tactical, set the CIWS to autofire at any hostile vessels that get within range. FlyCo. Have the fighters prioritise any Terran Super-capitals.” And with that, the battle began. Phasers and torpedoes flying everywhere. Both Kearsarge and Alexander ran about the battle, assisting wherever possible. At one point, a Terran Galaxy launched a massive spread of quantum torpedos at Jupiter Station and its surrounding evacuation ships. The Alexander managed to just barely move herself between the station and the volley, catching it on her shields, and act which left the vessel heavily damaged, but still combat capable.

After what seemed like hours, but was barely fifteen minutes, The Other began firing wave after wave of plasma bolts into the fray. First Jupiter Station was digitized, then the Bortasqu’, then the planet itself. Sinih covered her mouth in shock. If The Other could do that, then they stood no chance. She looked around the bridge, bridge crew equally stunned. The viewscreen switched over to the Alexander’s bridge.

“Well then,” said Captain Barron. “This is it. It’s been an honour serving with you.”

“And with you, Captain.” The bridge crew of the Alexander jolted forwards slightly, and the screen cut out as the Alexander, a Presidio class Battlecruiser was digitized. Sinih grimaced, sighed, and waited for the inevitable. A blue light washed over the ship, and then….

Alexander, Kearsarge, Jupiter Station, Jupiter, the Bortasqu‘, all back to where they had been, except no Terrans or the Other…

“What… Just… Happened?”