AAR: Operation Soaring Raptor, Mission Two

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CDR Nathes

LOCATION Romulan Star Empire Military Headquarters, Rator III

MISSION Per Objectives of Operation Soaring Raptor, Mission Two: TO: 11th Flotilla Personnel | SUBJ: Operation Soaring Raptor

OUTCOME Partial Success. Key Leader of Operation Rebirth Captured. Information detailing T’Kon Technology Acquired.


  • LT Shea
  • CDR Amarik

NARRATIVE Per Operation Soaring Raptor, Officers were sent to infiltrate Rator III and attempt to ascertain either key personnel or information. The risk of the operation meant that not all objectives could be achieved.

Starting with CDR Amarik, this officer was able to infiltrate the highest levels of the enemy’s key offices. Targeting Subcommander V’ael, CDR Amarik was able to capture her (alive) and bring her safely to the extraction point. SCDR V’Ael has been a significant thorn in the side of Republic Intelligence, to a point that she has crippled operations against the Ancient Regime. CDR Amarik’s capture is a significant development. After SCDR V’Ael has been treated for injuries sustained during the operation, she is to be questioned by officers of the 11th Expeditionary Flotilla.

Regarding Lt. Shea, this officer was able to attend a seminar within the enemy’s military headquarters. The officer reported that many enemy officers were wary of the tenants of Operation Rebirth: In particular, its focus on ancient T’Kon technology. The officer did make mention that the enemy was interested in a facility known as “The Observatory”. Whether this facility exists or not is unclear, but it is recommended investigation into this matter is pursued.

RECOMMENDATION SCDR V’Ael should be interrogated and questioned; given her station in Operation Rebirth. Further, her knowledge of the enemy’s whereabouts could help us turn the tides against the enemy’s offensive efforts.

Further, investigation of the Observatory and all T’Kon technology should be pursued.

RECOGNITION Lt. Shea is to be commended for maintaining his cover during the operation. The difficulty of being surrounded by enemy personnel should not be understated.

CDR Amarik went above the call of duty, managing to not only damage the enemy’s facility but also capture a key target of Operation Soaring Raptor. His success in the mission might well change the outcome of the Tri’Vokel situation as well as our operations against the Ancient Regime.

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