TO: 11th Flotilla Personnel | SUBJ: Operation Soaring Raptor

To: 11th Flotilla Personnel @11th.All
From: CDR Nathes
Subj: Operation Soaring Raptor


No doubt, I am sure all of you are familiar with the structure changes to the RRF. Having secured our Republic over the past decade, we are now in a position to exert ourselves. That, namely, includes facing the thorn in our side: The Temporarily Occupied World of Rator III.

And indeed, Rator III has held initiative in the Tri’Vokil Free State region for the past few months. That ends now. We do not let tyrants dictate to us what we do. And it is well time we show the Ancient Regime that.


The Tri’Vokil Free State is an independent Romulan world that has, until recently, been through a period of isolation. That ended some weeks ago when, in light of aggression from Rator III, the Free State called for military assistance from Starfleet and the RRF. In response, Rator III has orchestrated numerous, brutal attacks against the Romulans living in Tri’Vokil. These attacks culminated with a powerful stationary torpedo-launcher which the RRF and Starfleet were able to destroy.

However, it is readily clear that the Star Empire is only ramping up its effort. Romulan Republic Intelligence indicates that the enemy is amassing warships at key points in their controlled space. Further, they have indicated that many of their high ranking military leaders have been spreading around information about an ‘Operation Rebirth’.

We are going to disrupt their mobilization AND learn about this plot. And we will not ask our allies for permission.

Operational Overview

This operation has two defined goals. The destruction of a large military installation where hostile forces are amassing. And, further, learning the intricate details of the Operation Rebirth. We will achieve this through subterfuge, sabotage, and infiltration. There will be two missions to address each matter.

Operational Objectives

  • Infiltration and sabotage of a key enemy space station serving as a rally point for enemy forces
  • Elimination and/or capture of key Star Empire Navy personnel directing offensive efforts against the Republic and the Tri’Vokil Free State
  • Acquisition of information regarding Operation Rebirth and its ultimate objectives
  • The crippling of enemy military infrastructure

Upcoming Mission Overview

Though specific details will be provided following upcoming formal briefings, there will be two missions.

Mission 1: The infiltration, sabotage, and destruction of so named “Rally Point Valdore”

Intelligence reports indicate that the enemy is amassing numerous warships around a large space station deep inside Star Empire territory. Further, this space station is serving as a key logistical center for what can only be assumed as an eventual invasion of Tri’Vokil and the Romulan Republic. However, this mass of ships presents an opportunity. Should a team be able to infiltrate hte facility and cause it to self-destruct, the resulting shockwave of the explosion would be enough to cripple the enemy’s efforts for several weeks.

Mission 2: Infiltration of Rator III Military Command

Uncovered information regarding the so named “Operation Rebirth” is scarce. However, intelligence is aware of three key leaders of this hostile operation.

  • Commander Var’kil
  • Subcommander V’ael
  • Commander Laiek

All three of these individuals have been spotted around the military commander center on Rator III. Each of them likely is aware of Operation Rebrith. The mission at hand is to uncover what they know.

While capturing any one of these three is desirable, the infiltration of the Ancient Regime’s base of power means that nothing drastic can be taken. Focus will therefore be devoted to acquiring information they possess regarding Operation Tri’Vokil. Elimination and/or capture of these officers is also desired. However, acquiring the information takes precedence.

Closing Sentiments

Careful coordination will be required to achieve success in this operation. As such, expect a number of briefing to follow this official document. Please also understand the sensitive nature of this operation. The Enemy has many ears. And they will not hesitate to sabotage this operation once they discover our objectives.

The enemy will be ruthless as well, just as they were in 2409. Do not hesitate to eliminate them if they stand in our way.

Glory to the Republic.


CDR Nathes
Commanding Officer,
RRW Tebok - Flotilla Flaship
11th Expeditionary Flotilla - Romulan Republican Force