August 20th | Operation Soaring Raptor: Mission One

The 11th Flotilla conducts a daring mission to destroy Point Valdore, the center of the Star Empire’s operations against the Tri’Vokil Free State.

Shift Time: Gamma

Audience: @11th.All (Romulan Republican Force characters)

GROUP - Only group members may attend.

RP Format: GM

Setting: Away Team / Space

Starting Point: R.R.W. Tebok Mess Hall (For briefing)

OOC In case you missed the briefing, this is the first mission of Operation Valdore. Details for the mission can be viewed in the following write-up:

A reminder that this is today!

Will be running this one in discord, since there were not any suitable maps to use in-game.

Starts at Gamma (8p eastern) today!