RRF File: Operation Soaring Raptor - Enemy Situational Report

Operation Soaring Raptor - Enemy Situational Report



In light of increased Star Empire aggression, Romulan Republic Intelligence recognizes the need for Operational Soaring Raptor’s success. RRF still suffers a significant disadvantage in terms of personnel and warships in comparison to the Old Order. As such, it is vital that each facet of this operation succeed.


Intelligence recognizes that the forces of Rator III has 50 warships of varying classes focused on Tri’Vokil III. Their class composition is roughly as followed.

  • 20 T’Varo Light Warbirds
  • 15 Mogai Warbirds
  • 10 Fleet Tender Vessels
  • 5 D’deridex Warbirds

This also does not include the missing warbirds of the Tri’Vokil Free State’s defense forces. While information regarding their fate is still unknown, Intelligence posits they are likely being employed by Rator III.

Enemy offensive capabilities will be dependent on their space station, so named Point Valdore. Information on Point Valdore will follow this section. As well, offensive capabilities are also dependent on key individuals. Details on them will be provided below.

Point Valdore - Logistical/Military Installation for Star Empire Forces

Point Valdore Information
Length: 2300 m
Beam: 2300 m
Draft: 3900 m
Mass: 100,000,000 mt

Decks: 521
Crew: 15,000

Point Valdore is located approximately ten light years from the Tri’Vokil system, deep inside Star Empire territory. This station exists on an old frame dating back to the Earth-Romulan War. In the years that have followed, it has been upgraded and expanded beyond its original means. During the Dominion War, it became a key logistical focal point for Military efforts. That role has not changed, even in light of Hobus’ destruction and the rise of the Republic.

Point Valdore utilizes three singularity cores to power itself and the ship repair modules it has on its outer pylons. It boasts several industrial replicators which allow it to replenish torpedoes utilizes by enemy forces.

Romulan Republic intelligence recognizes the three singularity cores as being a critical weakness of this facility. The detonation of just one of them would cause a chain reaction which would obliterate both the station as well as the ships in the immediate vicinity.


Information indicates that enemy operations are being directed by three principle individuals from Rator III Imperial Military Command. They, along with a short summary of their service-record, are as followed:

Commander Var’kil:
CDR Var'kil
Believed to be overseeing military efforts against the RRF and Starfleet, Commander Var’kil is an experienced veteran who demonstrates a fundamental understanding of interstellar warfare. He was a key player in driving back Klingon Forces during their invasion of Romulan space of 2393. He also was one of the few Imperial leaders who conducted successful engagements against the RRF during the Battle of Mol’Rihan in 2409.

Intelligence believes that Rator III recognizes his talents. And as such, he has been placed in overall command. This man is considerably intelligent. Any information he has would be vital to ensuring the success of the RRF.

Subcommander V’ael
SCDR V'ael
Subcommander V’ael has been a persistent thorn in Romulan Republic Intelligence’s side. She is believed to be conducting intelligence operations against the RRF and Starfleet. She also harbors an interest in ancient technology, notably anything belonging to the archaic Iconian and Tkon Empires of yesteryears.

She also has demonstrated notable cruelty towards captured RRF personnel, the likes of which violate the Khitomer Accords. Discovering her current plants for Tri’Vokil is deemed vital by Romulan Republic Intelligence.

Commander Laiek
Commander Laiek
Commander Laiek, born on Tri’Vokil, has a vested interest in seeing the Free State annexed by the Romulan Star Empire. While Tri’Vokil went its own way, Laiek remained loyal to the Star Empire. Laiek has demonstrated considerable cruelty in the past few weeks. In particular, it is now believed he oversaw the sustained torpedo attacks that were hampered by the Federation’s 38th Fleet.

It is also believed he likely knows the whereabouts of the missing Tri’Vokil defense forces. Acquiring information on this individual will be vital for Operation Soaring Raptor’s success.


Romulan Republic Intelligence will update this file as Operation Soaring Raptor proceeds in the coming weeks.

It is vital, however, that both key facets of this operation succeed:

Namely, the destruction of Point Valdore and Data Acquisition on these three people of interest.

Failure will result in a protracted, brutal engagement against the forces of the Star Empire.


Operation Soaring Raptor Overview