AAR: Operation Velvet Thunder

Filed By:
BGEN Sadia Cynis

LOCATION Isep Xedi system, Doza Sector

MISSION Removal of Terran space forces

OUTCOME Terran space forces successfully routed, system secured.


  • BGEN Cynis, S. (I.K.S. Daramar)
  • RADM Bishop, S. (U.S.S. Asimov)

  • 2 Terran cruiser-type vessels (ISS Richard Dawkins, ISS Hades)
  • 4 Terran escort-type vessels (ISS Lowry, ISS Alexander Graham Bell, ISS Carbine, ISS Xenophon)

Operation Velvet Thunder was put into motion under command of RADM Bishop. First objective was the liberation of Isep Xedi system from Terran presence. While the enemy forces contained no ships of renown, they still outnumbered us 3 to 1. Direct confrontation was not an option, so some cunning was required to even the odds.
USS Asimov drew enemy attention while IKS Daramar moved under cloak for a flanking maneuver.
As enemy approached Asimov, she summoned a cunning holographic ploy - 10 Starfleet vessels warped in the system to support Asimov. This slowed down the enemy charge, enough for us to take the initiative.
Daramar decloaked behind the enemy forces and Asimov provided both support fire and different scientific tricks. This allowed us to take out one of the enemy escorts quickly, but cruisers proved to be tougher targets. This required Daramar to take a seriously risky maneuver known as “Nausicaan Sendoff”, which redirected one enemy cruiser into ramming the second one, with catastrophic consequences. Daramar took some serious damage from this move, but Asimov’s shield transfer kept us in the fight, enough to eliminate two more enemy escorts before the enemy was forced to retreat.

Isep Xedi should be secured against further enemy incursions. Presence of a proper support (science) vessel proved to be a critical asset and great force multiplier. I suggest that more of these vessels get recalled for combat duty, as their support capabilities have proven their worth.
RADM Bishop still has the moves. Why do you keep such officers at the desk instead of the front line is lost to me.

OOC Thanks to Sam for running the event.
Nausicaan Sendoff: https://www.reddit.com/r/swrpg/comments/7vgcp0/spoilers_solo_trailer_correlian_sendoff_in_action/