AAR: Thunder's Echo

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CAPT Barron, Maikull

LOCATION Xedi III Moon, Isep Xedi System

MISSION Liberate The System from Terran Control



  • USS Alexander [Presidio Class]
  • USS Baton Rogue [Lafyette Class]
  • ISS Baton Rogue [Lafyette Class]

Reviewing the Reports of Operation Velvet Thunder in the Isep Xedi System, USS Alexander, along with the freshly repaired USS Baton Rogue (under command of her XO) performed a patrol in the area to follow up on Terran Activity.

Upon entry and contact with the Local Government of Xedi II, it was determined by the words and actions of the Xedi Diplomat that there was still a covert presence of Terrans in the area that had continued to harass and extort the Xedi following the last Federation Mission. Under the diplomatic guise we should ‘stop by’ their Dilithium Mining operations on Xedi III, we discovered that the Terrans had constructed a makeshift terrestrial shipyard on the surface of the Dilithium Mine.

USS Alexander and USS Baton Rogue discovered several mid-constructed/repaired Terran vessels docked at this shipyard, which were protected by a large quantity of Xedi based surface-to-air artillery. Though not ‘Federation’ level technology, the shear number positioned around the shipyards made engagement challenging. The Federation Vessels were able to engage and destroy the shipyards prior to some of the more ‘operational’ vessels came online.

It was then that the ISS Baton Rogue de-cloaked, and openly engaged both federation vessels. This was a ploy however, as several of the Reactor Stations around the moon were set to overload by ground forces. USS Alexander continued to Engage the ISS Baton Rouge, while the more technically capable USS Baton Rogue broke off to try and override the several reactor cores to prevent a chain-reaction detonation that would cripple the Dilithium minding in the area.

After a brief fight, the ISS Baton Rogue withdrew from the system after the USS Alexander scored a critical hit, disabling its Cloaking capabilities. USS Baton Rogue was not only able to stabilize all 4 Reactor Cores on the moon, but also managed to hack into the Stations internal defense grid and re-program the IFF Threat Assessment matrix, protecting the station from further occupation.

RECOMMENDATION Possbly worth consideration to offer to upgrade the systems defence grid to Federation Standard quality weapons.

RECOGNITION Special thanks to the technological capabilities of the USS Baton Rogue which managed to save the lives of the Xedi people, as well as the Dilithium Mines themselves.

Me and @D-Rock played the TFO “To Hell with Honor” together on Advanced Setting, which depicted J’ula and her forces being pushed back off of a Moon Base where they were attempting to re-build their starships. Took the same basis of this TFO, and modified it narratively to fit with current Terran Campaign (Mo’Kai for Terrans) and Mirror Mi’shune being a stand in for the main antagonist J’ula (Warcrime’s and all). Was fun, never played that TFO till now!