AAR: Orion Today, Gorn Tomorrow

Filed By:
CMDR Na'Toth Salene

After Action Report

LOCATION Voltuga Station

MISSION Return to Voltuga Staton and negotiate with the True Gorn Hegemony on a fact-finding mission.

OUTCOME The True Gorn Hegemony is using Voltguga Station as a staging point for their forces and their sympathizers for possible expansion of influence and possible aggressive action against the Klingon Empire. Being Funding by outside forces such as the Pakled own FerLed Organization.


  • Captain Ayesha Mirazuni
  • Captain Andrej Timoreev
  • Commander Na’Toth Salene

NARRATIVE Captain Mirazuni assembled a small task group to return to Voltuga Station after having been previously driven away by a Gorn force. Our mission was to find out the reason behind the seizing of the station and their intentions towards both the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of planets. Our approach plan was simple, both the Endeavour and Attar would approach the station peacefully and dock while the Ajilon remains outside the system running silent and utilizing his sensors to maintain overwatch and inform the Endeavour of anything happening in and around the system.

Upon our approach, we noticed that the stationed Gorn force was thirty strong which including five battleship class warships, two of the five being Orion. The station itself was severally modified with additional armor plating attached, each segment appeared to be mismatched. We also noticed that civilian and freighter traffic remained largely unaffected by the Gorn take-over, with significantly more freighters than civilian vessels.

Both the Endeavour and the Attar were allowed to approach and dock the station peacefully. Once aboard, we noted a significant population of Gorn, which was expected, and a deceant number of Orions. Mixed in where occasional members of other species except for Klingons. While we were not challenged upon entry, a large number of the inhabitants did seem to glare at us. Captain Mirazuni suggest we head off to do our little fact finding missions. Being klingon, and thus subject to the majority of glares from the station populace, I preceded to the station to draw attention away from Captain Mirzuni so that she may be able to conduct her fact-finding in relative secrecy. Captain Timoreev decided to join me.

The keeper of the bar, a Gorn, received me with open disgust while looking upon Captain Timoreev. From the Captain’s questioning of the Gorn bar keep, we discovered that upon seizing of the station, the Gorn ejected any and all Klingons out the airlocks. I was only safe because of my Starfleet uniform. We also learned that the True Gorn Hegemony was receive outside material support and was using the station as a rally point for True Gorn Hegemony member and sympathizers to include Orions. Their common grievance being towards the Klingon Empire and their rule over the Gorn and Orion peoples.

Before we could gain more information, we discovered that Captain Mirazuni was confronted by a ferengi named Mog and two Pakled strongmen. He had intentions to claim vengeance upon Captain Mirazuni. Both Captain Timoreev attempted to persuade Mog to release Captain Mirazuni, during which we discovered he was either part or leader a company named the FerLed Organization, which was providing the True Gorn Hegemony their material for their expansion effort. Our efforts were interupted by a rather large Gorn by the name of Besadaar, whom appeared to leader on station and ordered Mog to release Captain Mirazuni. During the confrontation, the Ajilon detected and reported and additional five gorn vessels approaching the station.

After some discussion, the away team boarded the Endeavour and departed the system.

RECOMMENDATION It is recommended that we form some sort of relationship with the True Gorn Hegemony while view towards the federation remains neutral. it is also noted that further information would need to be acquired about the FerLed Organization itself and their intentions, clandestine or otherwise. I suggested providing none-military aid to the True Gorn Hegemony in the form of supplies and material aid for their civilian populace flocking to their banner by using the FerLed Organization as a third party to maintain possible deniability of our involvement. Dealing with the FerLed Organization may provide us opportunities to insert operatives to learn more of their intentions and monitor their and Gorn activities.
RECOGNITION Captain Timoreev was exceptional in navigating the clearing tense atmosphere and obtained useful information despite the station inhabitant’s hostility or dislike of outsiders. Captain Mirazuni was calm and collected under duress and encounter with the ferengi Mog enable use to learn of FerLed’s involvement with the True Gorn Hegemony.