AAR: Oubliette

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CAPT Nimitz, A.H.

After Action Report

LOCATION ConAm Outpost 423, Aldebaran Sector.

MISSION Investigate outpost 423 and reestablish contact.

OUTCOME Outpost 423 under permanent quarantine. Three survivors recovered out of the original crew of twenty. Ancient race known as the Cthon successfully kept imprisoned.


  • CAPT S. Bishop
  • CAPT A.H. Nimitz
  • LCDR Q.S. Macginnis
  • LT (SG) C. Mirez
  • ENS Thyzee
  • ENS J. Izly

NARRATIVE Pegasus was dispatched to investigate what had happened to the mining outpost 423 after two weeks of no contact. Upon our arrival in the system we were greeted with a harsh area of intense solar radiation.

Shortly after arrival, the Pegasus detected a shuttle emitting an SOS call. The shuttle was tractor beamed in and the pilot was taken to medical. Captain Bishop and the reporting offer went down to question the pilot, however the pilot was stiffening from sever radiation sickness and was rambling about dreams. The pilot made physical contact with Captain Bishop just before he died and forced Captain Bishop to spend the rest of the mission inside the decontamination camber.

Pegasus spent several hours recovering as much information from the recovered shuttle as possible, however the radiation was too intense for any useable information to be recovered. In the meantime the Delta Flyer ‘Unconquered’ was refitted with extra hull paneling to protect it from the radiation.

An away team made up of the reporting officer, Lieutenant Commander Macginnis, Lieutenant Mirez, and Ensigns Thyzee and Izly departed Pegasus and flew to the outpost. Upon arriving at the outpost, Ensign Thyzee was able to sense that only five members of the team were still alive.

We were greeted by the project leader that saw our Flyer approach. She greeted our party just inside the airlock, her state was clearly worn down as result of little rest over a period of two weeks, and was showing signs of what appeared to be unfound paranoia at first. She lead us back to the main hab and introduced the party to their lead science specialist. The Specialist had recovered a device of Iconian and Preserver make and was attempting to study it, he had insisted that the device was talking to him and was on the verge of being found by the creatures it was keeping away.

Attempts to reason with the specialist proved futile as he was uncompromising about his goal to remove the device from the outpost and connect it to the computer core onboard the Pegasus. Attempts to deescalate the situation were unsuccessful after the specialist drew their weapon, forcing the reporting officer to shoot the specialist with a stun bolt from their backup sidearm that is built into their Prosthetic arm.

At this time the away team saw first hand of a portal in subspace opening up and spearing one of the outpost crewmembers. Based on the reports from the outpost leader saying that the events started after the device was removed, the reporting officer along aside Lieutenant Mirez took the object and went to return it to it’s original place while the rest of the away team made their way back to ‘Unconquered’ for evacuation.

The Lieutenant and the reporting officer dealt with a running chase to the cave, suiting up in EVA gear and dodging subspace portals. The device was returned to the cave where it was discovered, and almost immediately the subspace portals closed, ending the attacks. The device activated a hologram of a Preserver whom proceeded to explain that the device was a key to a prison.

The hologram explained that the outpost was created as a prison several million years prior for a race known as the Cthon. The Iconians and the Preservers together fought a war, and in the end, the Iconians chose to create a prison to house the Cthon instead of wiping them out.

The reporting officer and Lieutenant Mierz returned to the ‘Unconquered’ and evacuated, discovered that Ensign Thyzee was injured and another outpost crewmen was lost due to the Cthon. The ‘Unconquered’ then returned to Pegasus and left the system.

RECOMMENDATION The outpost and the system are to be placed under indefinite quarantine to insure the Cthon do not escape again, This reporting officer would also go a step further and recommend that the outpost location be removed from all known star charts. Futhermore, the reporting officer recommends that the mission specialist be sent to a hospital for rehabilitation.

RECOGNITION All parties listed preformed their duties above and beyond.

OOCThis AAR is from Nimitz’s point of view on the events of Oubliette 1 and 2, special thanks to @Trellain43 for running the event series.

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CAPT Bishop, S

ADDENDUM Following the recommendation of the above report, the below measures have been put in place, effective immediately:

  • The outpost and system is placed under permanent quarantine.
  • A buoy network is to be deployed around the system. Any breaches of the system’s perimeter will warrant an immediate investigation by the nearest ship, as well as a notification to DS13 Operations.
  • The system will remain on star charts to prevent any accidental rediscovery. Federation Cartography will be notified to label the system as impassible.

OOC No, @Nimitz you do not get a medal because you forgot Sam in decon. Shame on you. SHAME. ON. YOU.