AAR: Out of Breath

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CAPT Mirazuni, A

After Action Report

LOCATION Trabis Minor, Aldebaran Sector

MISSION Distress signal response.

OUTCOME Fungal contagion discovered on Trabis Minor. Contagion found to come from the mummified entities first discovered on Drauth III. Contagion eradicated and one mummified entity captured. Others were neutralised.


  • CAPT A. Mirazuni
  • CMDR Jera
  • CMDR H. O’Dara
  • LT(JG) J. Izly

NARRATIVE Whilst working in one of the communications labs, Commanders Jera, O’Dara, and Lieutenant Izly picked up a garbled distress call coming from the nearby planet, Trabis Minor. Scans indicated a large decline in life signs, and, with no readable weapons signatures or geological effects, it was realised that the colony on Trabis Minor was experiencing some sort of pandemic.

Leading a team in EV suits, the away team looked to assist in discovering the cause of the pandemic and a cure. Early on, Commander O’Dara suffered some sort of fall which damaged her EV suit and exposed her to the contagion.

Whilst Commander Jera aimed to find out what happened, this officer and Lieutenant Izly looked to cure O’Dara and the populace. Both teams were successful after a few hours, and the now identified fungal contagion was able to be combated with a high dosage of hyperonic radiation. Commander Jera’s investigation revealed that the contagion started when an unidentified shuttle landed on the planet; this officer investigated with the Commander whilst Lieutenant Izly took Commander O’Dara back to the U.S.S. Endeavour for further treatment. Investigation of the shuttle revealed that it had been crewed by the mummified entities first encountered on Drauth III.

Following this, three teams were assembled to hunt down the entities as they were the ones spreading the fungus that had caused the contagion. Commander Jera led one team, whilst this officer led a now recovered Commander O’Dara and Lieutenant Izly.

The teams all encountered the mummified entities but found neutralising them to be difficult with conventional weapons. Normal phasers did not affect the entities and to fully neutralise them, we had to physically vapourise the entities. We also had some success with the use of ballistic weapons.

With all but one entity neutralised, the team decided to capture the last one for further study. This entity is now held in the brig on the U.S.S. Endeavour and is awaiting study.

RECOMMENDATION Immediate study is required of the mummified entity to understand how they have escaped from Drauth III and what their end goal is. Monitoring of the colony on Trabis Minor is needed as the fungal contagion is eradicated. This officer would also recommend that Commander O’Dara undertake agility training in order to make sure that the Commander is able to remain upright during missions. Medical should also run a neurological scan to check if the Commander’s hand-eye coordination is up to scratch. Finally, this officer recommends that, should Commander O’Dara wish to volunteer as a vessel for infection, she should consult the relevant medical officer beforehand instead of trying to take the initiative on this particular matter.

RECOGNITION Commander Jera did good work in order to gain an understanding of the start of the contagion. Commander O’Dara, though she spent most of the mission in a horizontal instead of vertical position, offered good tactical insight in combatting the mummified entities. Lieutenant Izly, although she became slightly overwhelmed in the heat of the moment due to lack of field experience and thus made some mistakes in her healing process, did well as a nurse to this officer and rendered vital assistance to the infected colonists whilst this officer was attempting to find a cure.

The medical staff of the U.S.S. Endeavour should also be commended for their quick and organised response to helping and curing the population of the colony.

OOC This is the AAR for the impromptu event “Out of Breath”, which was a two parter. Event logs available on request.

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