AAR: Outbreak

Filed By:
Ambassador Perim, Neema

LOCATION Klingon border colony, Donatu Sector

MISSION Investigate request for assistance from Klingon border colony experiencing a disease outbreak.

OUTCOME Situation assessed. Assistance provided in identifying disease and cure. Request for administrative and material assistance denied.


  • Ambassador Perim
  • CAPT Nimitz, A.
  • CAPT sh’Sonora
  • CMDR Salene
  • ENS Sovum
  • ENS Thyzee

NARRATIVE The Federation Diplomatic Corps received an unusual request for asylum from the Governor of a Klingon border colony on behalf of the planet’s entire population, on the grounds that they were experiencing a deadly disease outbreak and the government of the Klingon Empire refused to provide assistance. Despite the technical invalidity of the actual application, I agreed to meet with the Governor on the world’s orbital spaceport. Befitting a meeting in potentially hostile territory, the starships Pegasus, Baton Rouge, and Ajilon were requisitioned for transport and escort. A science/medical team from DS13 was also requested. Our transit and conditional border crossing occurred without incident.

On arriving at the spaceport, I entered my meeting with the Governor, while the remainder of the away team assessed the situation. Collectively, it was determined that the disease originated several weeks prior to the events leading up to the Klingon civil war, and that planetary medical authorities originally had the outbreak contained effectively. Apparently a number of visiting Gorn fell ill first, and a relatively minor disease for them jumped species and resulted in a fairly severe illness for the Klingons. While the origins effectively rule out the possibility of the outbreak being an intentional act by a warring faction, it does appear that the loss of containment was the result of countless residents breaking quarantine to join the civil war once it began.

When the severity and spread of the disease increased the Governor requested assistance from Qo’noS. Given the conditions in the wider Empire, the request was deemed a low priority and assistance was delayed indefinitely. This led to the Governor’s request for assistance from the Federation. Unfortunately, the decision to seek foreign aid led to the Governor’s position being challenged by several of his ministers, resulting in their deaths by ritual combat. One of the deceased was the minister of health, leading indirectly to additional failures to cure and contain the disease.

The away team, and subsequent medical examinations, concluded that the severity and spread of the disease was primarily the result of poor living conditions, poor hygiene, and improper sanitation/containment procedures by medical staff. Once the disease was determined to be of Gorn origin, it was quickly identified and a cure was able to be synthesized. This information was provided to the Governor’s staff.

Of note, Commander Salene tested positive for the disease after coming in contact with an infected Klingon officer on the spaceport. I’m told that she has received treatment and will suffer no long term effects.