AAR: Past Lives, Past Debts

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CAPT Vel, Lunya

LOCATION Zibal System, Aldebaran Sector, Beta Quadrant

MISSION Customs Inspection-Contraband Interdiction

OUTCOME Engagement with three (3) Orion Syndicate ships. All three destroyed.


  • CAPT Vel, Lunya
  • CMDR Akaela, Tala
  • LCDR Flynn, Matthew
  • LCDR zh’Vhenda, Kora
  • LCDR Wescott, Evelynn (Visiting Physician)
  • LT Drush, Lalaa

NARRATIVE On above referenced Stardate, USS Midway was conducting assigned customs and interdiction patrol in the Zibal System. During this time, after clearing a Rigelian Freighter, a cloaked Klingon Type Bird of Prey revealed itself off the Midway’s bow.

Upon making themselves known, the Captain of the Orion ship (name unobtained), stated that he and his ship were with the Orion Syndicate and had a proposed “business” deal to conduct with the Midway. In the interest of remaining diplomatic at the time, Captain Vel inquired as to what the deal was, to which it was stated that the Orion ship was there to retrieve property in the Midway’s possession. Said property was stated to be one Lieutenant Lalaa Drush. This arrangement was immediately, and rather curtly, rebuked by Captain Vel.

Either due to Captain Vel’s choice of words, or more likely, the desire to re-obtain Lieutenant Drush, two more Klingon Style Bird of Preys decloaked in flanking positions of the original, all three charging weapons. Due to the nature of Midway’s mission, shields were already raised, however weapons were powered down. It was at this time all three Orion ships attacked.

Ordering four additional fighters to be launched to supplement the patrolling two, the six Valkyries were ordered to engage the second Orion vessel, while Midway engaged vessels one and three. Exchanges of phaser fire between Midway and two of the Orion vessels occured at this time, as well as the six Valkyries pulling the number two ship away.

Discussions amongst bridge staff during these moments, notably between CMDR Akaela, LCDR’s Flynn and Wescott and LT Drush came up with the idea of spoofing Midway’s internal biological readings so that every subject aboard the ship read as Lieutenant Drush.

As distance was attempted to be gained from the two Bird of Preys attacking Midway, the remaining six Valkyries of Midway’s fighter complement were launched, with orders to engage the third Orion vessel. At this time, Midway’s fighter complement began to take losses, however the second Orion Bird of Prey was destroyed in the meantime.

In an effort to hasten the conclusion of the engagement, and prevent further losses (Midway had taken a shield penetrating hit to the aft ventral section of the ship, resulting in a hull breach on deck eight, and wounding ten), the Midway was ordered into the nearby asteroid belt. Using override codes from security, and using a DIFFERENT biological signature than LT Drush’s, a photon torpedo was placed into an escape pod with that biosignature, and a staged collision with a large nearby asteroid, and the escape pod jettisoned.

While the third Orion ship was destroyed by remaining Valkyrie fighters, the first, in an interest in securing LT Drush alive, and seeing the spoofed biological readings aboard the Midway, attempted to tractor in the escape pod. The photon torpedo’s warhead was detonated once it had been taken inside of the Orion vessel, destroying it instantly. After engagement, Midway was unable to remain on duty station due to loss of over half of her available fighter complement.

Damage Report as follows:

Hull Breach to Deck Eight- Environmentals knocked offline in compartments six through ten and sealed off.

Seven Valkyries knocked out of action: Two destroyed, one written off, four damaged.

Thirteen wounded, including Valkyrie pilots, two critical, no fatalities. No survivors able to be rescued from Orion Vessels

RECOMMENDATION Follow up Investigation into Orion Syndicate and their desire to capture Lieutenant Drush. Full investigation of ship’s security logs and files, as it was revealed that ship’s crew manifest and patrol route had been obtained by the Syndicate.

RECOGNITION LCDR Wescott for her idea to use spoofed readings of LT Drush’s biosignature. LCDR Flynn for quick programming of the required sensor changes to perform the subterfuge. LT Drush for remaining calm despite the situation definitively pertaining to her.

OOC There will be an “Undercover Investigation” follow up to this event!

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LCDR Wescott, Evelynn

ADDENDUM During the course of the Midway’s patrol assignment I was invited to observe from the bridge. When the three Klingon birds of prey de-cloaked and made their demands known, I realized that we could potentially confuse their sensors by overlaying one person’s bio-metrics on Lt. Lalaa, while also overlaying the Lt.'s bio-metrics on something else. Of course, the rest of the bridge crew ran with this idea and made it even better, the Captain proposed Overlaying Lt. Lalaa’s bio-metrics on the rest of the crew, with a torpedo also spoofed to look like we where trying to sneak her off the ship. When the ship took battle damage I reported to Medical to assist with the incurred injuries and as such missed the rest of the action on the bridge. However, given that we survived, and I successfully treated multiple crew members for plasma burns, I would submit that the mission and idea where both a success.