AAR: Pirate patrols

TO: Adm. Celes
FROM: Cpt. Vogt
SUBJ: Patrol mission

:: Standard Level 3 Encryption

As per our orders the following ships undertook a patrol mission at the decoris trade route at stardate 92559.
- USS Gladius
- USS India
- USS Sharnhorst
- USS Navilera
- USS Daystar

The patrol split up before entering the operational area, Gladius and India under my command and the rest of the ships under captain trellain. Both groups managed to destroy a large number of both Bloodhunter and Scorpius assets. Additionaly we destroyed two bases belonging to the bloodhunters and rescued several prisoners.

Some intel we found suggests that the bloodhunter are interested in taking starfleet members hostage due to the possibility to exchange them for captured members of their organisation. Among the freed prisoners were several orions, i suggest to keep them confined for the time being since the bloodhunters assumed they could belong to the orion syndicate.

Captain tellains group also managed to take at least one elite enforcer belonging to the bloodhunters prisoner. I handed the letehan over to starfleet intel for interrogation.

Cpt. Tanja Vogt
USS Gladius

Captain Forresster of the Dawnstar has submitted a recommendation for Lieutenant Jung Eunha EunBi of the USS Nevillers to receive a commendation for actions during the groups departure of the system. Whilst engaging with enemy vessel's attempting to halt our departure, the Nevillers came under heavy fire and her Captain taken injured. Lieutenant Eunha's quick thinking and decisive action served to save both her ship and crew.

Cmdr. Keelah Se'lai
USS Dawnstar