AAR: Response to Distress Call

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CAPT Somek, Vorir

After Action Report

LOCATION Kern System, Xarantine Sector, Beta Quadrant

MISSION Response to Distress Call

OUTCOME Enemies neutralized, mycelial rift closed, friendly ship rescued. Multiple casualties.


  • CAPT Somek, Vorir
  • CAPT Nimitz, Alistair
  • CAPT MacLeod, James
  • USS Republic Crew

NARRATIVE At approximately 21:00, the USS Republic received a distress call originating in the Kern system. Captains Nimitz and MacLeod were aboard at the time, and as the Republic was at full operational capacity, they elected to remain and assist with response. Nimitz manned tactical while MacLeod manned ops.

The call originated from a Lukari vessel, and the speaker was able to transmit the words “spores” and “attack” before transmission was cut. The Republic immediately warped to the location of the transmission. Initial observations upon arriving included two damaged Lukari ships, wreckage from at least one more, and an active mycelial rift. Presuming a trap from Klingon, specifically House Mo’Kai, forces, the Republic began a stealth recon of the area. MacLeod prepared a plan to close the rift while Nimitz and this officer prepared one to deal with hostiles.

Upon execution of closing the rift, four Mo’Kai vessels decloaked, including one battleship and three birds of prey (BoP heceforth). The Republic was able to maintain evasive maneuvers while closing the rift and engaging the enemy vessels long enough for the remaining Lukari vessels to begin engaging as well. At one point a Klingon virus was uploaded to the Republic’s computers, but MacLeod disabled it before it could cause significant damage.

During combat, the Republic fired on the enemy battleship to disable, but due to a targeting system malfunction it was destroyed instead. This also resulted in the destruction of one enemy BoP and one friendly Lukari ship, as well as the disabling of a second BoP. The remaining BoP was able to damage the Republic before it could be neutralized. This resulted in damage on multiple decks, multiple injuries, and four casualties.

Five surviving Mo’Kai combatants were beamed directly to the brig and will be delivered to DS13 security upon arrival at the station. The remaining Lukari ship was able to return home. No data was recoverable from the enemy ships’ computer cores.

RECOMMENDATION Per Captain Nimitz, the Kern system is one of six known locations at which p. stellaviatori are found naturally, so the system is therefore a known target for House Mo’Kai forces. This officer recommends working with the Lukari to increase security in the system to prevent future incursions.

RECOGNITION This officer recognizes Captain MacLeod for expertly closing the mycelial rift, and disabling a system-wide computer virus, during a combat situation. This officer also recognizes Captain Nimitz for successfully engaging multiple enemy vessels with malfunctioning targeting equipment. And this officer recognizes Commander Epih at the helm of the Republic for perfectly executing several complex evasive maneuvers in precise sequence.

OOC This is from the Feb 21 event Rescue and Search, GMd by Sam and attended by Nimitz and MacLeod. Thanks all!