AAR: Retribution (Part 1)

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CAPT Barron, Maikull

LOCATION Citali System, Itrin Sector

MISSION Push Terrans out of the Citali System.



  • Captain Drake Tungsten [USS Dragon-A]
  • Captain Maikull Barron [USS Alexander]
  • Captain Serah Grant [USS Artemis]

Aries Squadron USS Dragon-A and USS Alexander, along with USS Artemis broke through Terran’s rejuvenated hold over the Citali system. Launching into the system, the Task Force found three defense satellites in orbit of the planet, Dragon and Alexander held off station defenses while Artemis managed to beam over security teams and take over two station’s (The third seemingly self-destructing to avoid capture), and changing the target parameters from Starfleet to Terran IFF signatures. This allowed the Task Force to proceed to the planet with a makeshift cover against in-bound patrols.

The Terrans obviously did not consider the Federation brazen enough to attack again so quickly, as only a small defense group had been left behind, which the three vessels engaged over the planet. With the Defense satellites covering their flank, The Task Force managed to destroy/drive out remaining Terran Presence. During the engagement, several Terran shuttlecraft were seen launching from the planet. 5 of these transport troops were captured for interrogation purposes.

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Special Recognition goes to Aries Squad Leader, Captain Drake Tungsten for suggesting and executing such a brazen plan, as well as the USS Artemis for their support in flipping the satellites and capturing Terran escape pods.

@DrakeTungsten, @Serah got together and did a 3 man run at the TFO: Operation Riposte. Despite it being designed for a 5-man team, we did very well with no ship destructions on our side! Once again, replacing the Klingons for Terrans narratively, we went back for Retribution for our loss during Operation: Sincerity!