22 Nov: Sincerity

A group of officers has been summoned to Talos Junction to attend a classified briefing by Starfleet Intelligence.

Shift Time: beta+2

Audience:  OPEN  for PRIME UNIVERSE characters only

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: Fleet Colony World

Please don’t read anything into this or let it frighten you in any way, but uh, <_<

If anyone HAPPENS to be interested in killing off one of your own Starfleet characters, please DM me on discord ASAP so I can let you in on the plan and shower you with praise and adoration. If you’re unable to make this event, I may even be able to reschedule to accommodate your availability.

(edit: in case I wasn’t clear, you do not need to have a deathwish to attend. I just have a potentially cool death-moment if someone wants it. The event will go on whether someone volunteers or not.)


This is today!

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