AAR: Sincerity

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LCDR Burov, K.

LOCATION Citali System, Alpha-7190 Sector

MISSION Intelligence operation to place specific misinformation in Terran hands.

OUTCOME Presumed success with acceptable losses.


  • CAPT Nimitz, USS Pegasus
  • CAPT sh’Sonora, USS Baton Rouge
  • CMDR Tyrstoc, USS Moytura
  • SCDR T’Valerius, USS Atlantis
  • CAPT Roh’khan, IKS Qul Cha’bIp
  • CMDR North, Starfleet Intelligence - MIA

NARRATIVE Selected officers were gathered to a briefing on Talos Junction. Briefing provided by reporting officer. Officers were given the following information:

Starfleet Intelligence has been in contact with an Azedi resistance cell on Citali. The Azedi resistance has informed Starfleet that they are aware of twelve Etnoziroh-class dreadnoughts that survived the Terran invasion and that they are presently located in Star System I-7815, but unable to travel or defend themselves due to the Terran anti-navigation weapon. The resistance cell has also informed Starfleet that a scientist on Citali has worked out a fix for the anti-navigation weapon, which can be applied immediately to the dreadnought fleet.

Task force’s mission was to proceed to Citali. Commander North and support team to beam down to designated resistance cell location, locate specified scientist, and evac back to task force. Task force
was then to proceed to phase 2 – travel directly to I-7815 and rendezvous with the Azedi dreadnought fleet. Transfer Citali scientist to the Azedi fleet to effect repairs. If repairs are successful, escort the dreadnoughts to safety in Federation space. If repairs unsuccessful or Terrans arrive before complete, task force was ordered to tow as many dreadnoughts as possible back to friendly territory and evacuate any that must be left behind.

This briefing was purely disinformation. The Citali resistance cell was previously compromised by Terran efforts to eliminate wormhole knowledge, and Starfleet Intelligence became aware of a location that was being monitored by a Terran ground team. This provided the perfect opportunity to feed the Terrans a believable story, with a method of passing them that intelligence without them suspecting a ruse. In actuality, there is no Azedi fleet at I-7815. The system is simply a tactically advantageous location where Starfleet will be able to prepare an ambush for the Terran fleet.

The mission was timed such that the task force would arrive to light resistance, but soon encounter a regular Terran patrol, known to be superior to the Starfleet force committed. This timing was meant to allow deployment of the away team, but to force a hasty retreat to avoid an excessive casualty rate.

The decoy mission proceeded apace. All five vessels arrived at Citali and met light resistance. A single Terran escort, ISS Paladin, was destroyed, but it managed to send a distress call to its home strike group. After dispatching the escort, task force proceeded into orbit and Commander North’s away team was inserted to the planet.

Before long, the Terran patrol was detected and engaged in orbit. The away team was likewise engaged by the Terran ground team, and trapped by a transporter inhibitor field. Despite overwhelming odds, the task force remained for an extended battle, destroying five Terran ships in the process. While the others fought, USS Moytura attempted to rescue the away team using a MACO Team deployed by runabout, precision orbital bombardment, and eventually a security detachment deployed by transporter.

Though it was a valiant effort, success from their point of view was never a possibility. The final nail came in the form of a second Terran strike group, responding to ISS Paladin’s distress call. The task force was forced to withdraw. Three members of the away team were confirmed KIA. Two are presumed captured, including Commander North. Some vessels of the task force suffered serous damage before withdrawing, adding to the illusion of realism for this operation.

RECOMMENDATION Preliminary reports from the mission indicate that the true objective remained unknown to both the Terrans and the members of the friendly task force. Commander North and her compatriot are likely to succumb to Terran interrogation techniques and “truthfully” reveal the misinformation they were provided in the mission briefing. Because of the need to ensure that the information is fully conveyed, and because Terran standard procedure is to execute prisoners after interrogation, we cannot recommend genuine rescue efforts at this time.

Starfleet Intelligence estimates that the threat of twelve potentially operational Azedi dreadnoughts will require the Terrans to commit over 70% of their remaining starships to an operation combating them, providing an opening for a decisive battle to take place in a predetermined location and in such a way as to provide an overwhelming tactical advantage to Starfleet.

OOC This was the Sincerity event. We postponed for attendance, so thank you to you guys who came back for it, and to those who joined in and stuck around 'til the end! Especially thanks to Tyrstoc for doing some incredibly engaging narration, and to Katriel for letting me murder her away team. Sorry-not-sorry for feeding you all a bunch of lies <3

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Capt. sh'Nimitz, Mi'shune

LOCATION Citali System, Alpha-7190 Sector

MISSION Extraction of Azedi Dreadnought Fleet Survivors/Intelligence Extraction Mission

OUTCOME We got our asses handed to us due to poor planning. I was blown to smithereens and barely survived to tell you all about it.

Apologies for my lack of polite eloquence. I am really frelling high right now.


  • Captain Schmucky O’Hare Lt.Cmdr Kolya Burov, Executive Producer of This Dren Show
  • Capt. Alistair Nimitz, USS Pegasus
  • Capt. Tyrstoc, USS Moytura
  • SubCmdr T’Valerius, USS Atlantis
  • CAPT Roh’khan, IKS Quuel’bup’chup… frell it, I’m calling them The Klingons
  • Cmdr Ollie Oliver ? North, Starfleet Intelligence
  • Myself, Formerly of the USS Baton Rouge, currently assigned to a biobed on the USS Pegasus…

NARRATIVE Where to begin…

Two elements of Task Force Caboose (Pegasus and Baton Rouge) were summoned to Talos Junction for an intelligence briefing by Lt.Cmdr. Burov. There was an combined extraction mission of some intelligence assets and the survivors of the Azedi Dreadnought fleet that needed assistance leaving the Citali System. As the relief taskforce, we were assigned for protection and retrieval of the Azedi fleet. We were to attempt to get their engines back online and evacuate them from the area, while providing overwatch for the intelligence extraction team.

My particular role in this ad-hoc formation was as the fleet’s Space-Borne Warning and Control Systems (SWACS) vessel. The Pegasus, Atlantis, and the Klingons were the hammer for any resistance, and the Moytura was the extraction vessel. We did not have time to rehearse the mission, it was sent out immediately.

We were given a course that went through enemy-occupied territory. When I expressed concerns about this, and suggested a diversionary attack to draw reserves, the idea was dismissed by Lt.Cmdr. Burov. I did not bring it up any further.

We made it to the Citali system without incident, however, where my vessel detected the I.S.S. Paladin in orbit around Citali III. While Captain Nimitz, as senior captain of the ad-hoc battlegroup, ordered my vessel to project false starship signatures to disguise our numbers, the Pegasus engaged and destroyed the Paladin. However, the Paladin was able to get out a distress signal. With limited time to spare, we set to work on the extraction.

Only there were no intelligence assets, no Azedi Dreadnought fleet to extract.

Instead, a Terran Empire fleet of a dozen vessels of various classes stumbled into my sensors range. We had advanced warning, but the Intelligence Team was still on the surface, and we had no orders to retreat. My ship was ordered to disrupt navigational data in the system, but without a sensor buoy in system for that task, it was wasted effort. Instead, my vessel activated its Electronic Countermeasures Suite and put a full array of jamming frequencies, dazzlers, and sensor ghosts to disrupt the incoming fleet at it’s most likely warp-in point.

It worked too well. Not only did we disrupt that initial fleet, we kicked their asses. We even caught some of their unencrypted comm traffic. This fleet wandered jhorblochs first into the teeth of our mines, phasers, torpedoes, and interference. They had no clue it was gonna hit them this hard. Their losses were hideous, but it was about to get worse for us.

Another wave of Terran ships was about to arrive. The first wave was just getting its dren together. The next wave would have swamped us. We stayed as long as we could, fought longer and harder than we should have, but eventually the numbers were overwhelming. That’s when Captain Nimitz gave the order to retreat, even though the Moytura was still attempting to extract the intelligence team.

The rest was a blur. My ship was heavily damaged in the exchange. We expended all our torpedoes, all our Nixie-class decoys, every countermeasure, and suffered damage to our sensor and ECM pods. We were more than glad to extract ourselves out of there. We retreated in good order.

That’s when the EPS Conduit on deck two detonated, rupturing our bridge.

And landing my stupid ass in the hospital.

RECOMMENDATION My recommendations is that if we’re going to execute an op of this magnitude, it needs MUCH more planning and with an actual fleet used to doing maneuvers with each other. This ad-hoc bulldren? NOT GONNA FLY! You get a fleet together, you do some training maneuvers, you plan the op, simulate it, and THEN and only THEN do you pull off such hasty and ill-advised ops.

Secondly, for an op of this size, you need someone way more senior than a Lieutenant Commander from some out-of-the-way listening post!

Third, said Lieutenant Commander better be able to listen to OUR recommendations when it comes to the naval and tactical side of business. I recommended a diversionary attack to draw their reserves and he just dismissed it like it wasn’t worth considering. Something, in retrospect, could have turned the course of this op.

Next, one has to seriously question the intelligence information. I have serious questions about their source, whether or not it was properly vetted, its accuracy, and its validity. If it was from Lt.Cmdr. Burov himself I would certainly voice strongly my reservations about his sources and his processes.

After all, my vessel lost fifteen people, including half my senior staff, and two dozen more injured due to this botched op. If I find his reasoning and decisions are questionable then there will be some strong words exchanged about the matter.

Lt.Cmdr. Burov may feel free to bring up the op at any time with me. I recommend the safest way for him to do so is while I’m still restrained to my biobed.

And lastly, and I have to apologize because spouse or not I must be professional, but I should have been jamming the Paladin’s distress signal, not busy projecting decoy starships. Though the tactic was effective in drawing enemy fire, jamming the distress signal could have prevented the second wave of ships from coming in.

Then again, it stunk of an ambush so it might not have had the desired effect.

I could have also voiced my concerns but I stood by too passively and followed orders. When I finally began to be a bit more self assertive and thought more flexibly, it was far too late, and it cost lives. And maybe I would have all of my limbs intact. That would have been nice.

RECOGNITION I recognize Capt Roh’Khan of the Klingon contingent for their elan and bravery during the engagement, their mines bought us time. I also recognize Captain Tyrstoc of the Moytura for his bravery, staying as long as possible, and beyond, while attempting to extract the trapped intelligence team. He went above and beyond. Bravest soul I’ve ever seen.

I also recognize Lt.Cmdr. Burov for lacking the sense of a common targ. Please send him my warmest regards. Preferably at 5,778 Kelvin.

OOC I had a lot of fun with this. Don’t mind Miki, she’s salty, high on drugs, and has been screwed by higher ups in bad ops in the past. :-)

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Captain Roh'Khan

LOCATION Citali System, Alpha-7190 Sector

MISSION Extract Azedi Science Team; Escort to Hidden Dreadnaughts, Escort back to Federation Space.

OUTCOME Intel Wrong; Walked into Ambush; Complete Failure


  • IKS Qul Cha’bIp [Kortar Class Raptor]
  • USS Pegasus [Yomatto Class Dreadnaught]
  • USS Baton Rogue [Layfette Class Cruiser]
  • USS Moytura [Narendra Class Cruiser]
  • USS Atlantis [Excelsior Class Tugboat]



Got our first taste of combat with the Feds…not impressed.

Got roped up with a rag-tag crew for some last-minute clandestine rescue op out in the Citali System (The Tree Azedi). Apparently, there were some underground scientist groups who knew how to fix some of their hidden Dreadnaughts and needed rescued from the planet. Simple enough. From there we were to take them to whatever coordinates they had for their hidden fleet, and watch over them till they got the ships back up and running, or drag them back ourselves. We never got to that second part.

Where to begin with the qol Bue’quet*?

The intel was obviously completely off. We were lead right into a trap laid by the Terrans, but that aside things still could have been salvageable. No, the problems started before we even dropped out of warp. Task force detected a single Terran Escort over the planet, and before anyone could address the options proper, “Captain Pegasus” drops out of warp and hails the petaQ! Captain Baton Rogue does some silly sensor ship mirage thing, like their trying to scare the Terran off with a show of force instead of outright neutralizing it.

I was still under cloak and began to maneuver around to perform an Alpha Strike to disable the vessel, when Captain Pegasus orders the Task Force to Open Fire, thankfully we were not in position yet, and were able to divert course before we found ourselves unshielded in the line of fire. I tried hailing the Pegasus to suggest a more…precise method, but was ignored. After a short back-and-forth the Terran Escort was destroyed, but there was no telling if it had gotten word out or not, or if any of the others had bothered to jam its signal.

The Team made it in orbit, but needed to send an away team down to contact the scientist cell. That’s when things really went wrong. Not only did the away teams report there was no one there, but sensors detected a Terran Patrol enroute to the System. When they tried to extract the away team, they were blocked by transport inhibitors. Buying time for them to work, we quickly calculated the Terran Patrol’s Exit Point from warp, and I laid a hasty Minefield for them. Regrouping with Pegasus, Baton Rogue, and Atlantis, we coordinated our weapons fire with the ships coming right out of warp and caught them by complete surprise.

However, a second, much larger Terran Battlegroup was detected enroute, this one answering the first Escort’s Distress Signal. We were completely out matched, and had our foot stuck in the mud. Captain Moytura desperately tried to rescue the away teams, but it was not meant to be. We held out as long as we could before Captain Pegasus finally made the call to fall back. (Better late than never) Away team not withstanding, it’s a miracle we made it out of that mess as well as we did. I hear the Captain of the Baton Rogue suffered some critical post-combat damage.

If it weren’t for the fact their ‘evil twins’ were getting dangerously close to our boarders, Id honestly have left them to their fate. The bravado, disorganization, and compulsive behavior was enough to get nearly everyone in this op killed. Death in glorious battle is the dream of every red-blooded Klingon, but throwing your life away needlessly has no honor.

I applaud the Captain Moytura, his devotion to his men is commendable, but not every situation dictates the need to sacrifice more lives. 8 on the planet or 350 on your ship (plus the thousands of crew on allied ships holding the line) the choice is clear. It took them WAY longer to call retreat than it should have been.

If we’re going to continue to work together, Starfleet is going to need to learn to be able to utilize assets properly. I came here to fight a war, not belly drum my opponents into submission.

RECOGNITION Ill give them this, for better or worse, their damn stubborn…

Klingon Translation: qol Bue’quet = Clusterf&$k

I had to go at the end of things (Super late for me) But it was fun while it lasted. No real jabs meant to anyone, just piggybacking off RP.