AAR: Returning Colonel Nahr

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CAPT Bishop, S

After Action Report

LOCATION Isep Xedi, Doza Sector.

MISSION Deliver Colonel Nahr and open diplomatic relations with the military government.

OUTCOME Colonel Nahr delivered. Diplomatic relations not successful.


  • CAPT S. Bishop
  • CMDR A. Samaras
  • LCDR S. Jan

  • CPT G. Valencia

  • COL Sen (acting chief foreign affairs officer)
  • COL Nahr (returning prisoner)

BACKGROUND Following the military coup on Isep Xedi, and the associated Starfleet action, the U.S.S. Endeavour was tasked in returning the Colonel and opening diplomatic relations with the aim of providing assistance to the Xedi people.

NARRATIVE Upon entry, it was clear that the new government was rebuilding to continue to protect their borders. All Xedi vessels had been recalled and stationed within the system. They had all been retrofitted with old Dominion armaments, though these were done haphazardly and without skill. The remains of the destroyed ship, the Intelligencia, was being repurposed to rebuild what looked like a space station.

Once we had docked, this officer, alongside Lieutenant Commander Jan and Captain Valencia, boarded the Xedi ship, where we were welcomed by Colonel Sen, the acting chief foreign affairs officer. The initial meeting was cordial, with our delegation being invited to dinner after a tour had taken place. However, upon the arrival of General, now Field Marshal, Balrath, the talks failed, with the General demanding the handing over of Educators Fairfax and Doran. When it was revealed that we had only come to hand over Colonel Nahr, the General grew even more distrustful. Negotiations crumbled, and the delegation returned to the ship to depart, after releasing the Colonel back to the Xedi.

RECOMMENDATION Whilst the diplomatic relations on this particular encounter did not improve, this officer’s visit to the Isep Xedi system gave us an invaluable insight into the Xedi government. The General has instilled a typical military dictatorship in the system, aiming to project an outward appearance of power and strength to hide the systematic failure of governance within. Fundamentally, the General must keep the notion of strength, lest another leading military figure take the precedence set by the General’s coup, and form their own movement.

This officer also would like to observe that the General seemingly rules by fear; punishment could perhaps take the form of executions and disappearances. This officer, unfortunately, predicts that Colonel Nahr could perhaps be executed soon.

However, whilst negotiations fell through on this occasion, this officer would like to note the gracious way that they were received before the General’s arrival. Future communications, without the General present, could prove more fruitful, and should the Xedi reach out to us, we must welcome them.

Finally, this officer stated that the Federation would resume their normal operations in the sector. This will no doubt scare the General. Unfortunately, it will act to serve his interest in his rhetoric that Starfleet are flexing their superiority, but it is this officer’s opinion that this should be ignored. We should conduct our operations as normal; if the Xedi would like to reach out to stake their borders, then we will have begun diplomatic relations that this officer could not reach in this meeting. To that end, our aims to place a satellite in the area should proceed as planned.
RECOGNITION All personnel performed as expected.

OOC This is the AAR for a discord event run by @Valore. Event logs available here. Due to proceedings during the event, the actual diplomatic talks are able to be referenced ICly, and are attached to this report. Please contact the GM for questions regarding accessibility permissions.