VT: Military Coup On Isep Xedi!



By Charles Semptim and T'Prin, Associated Press.


As of yesterday, the political situation on Isep Xedi has deteriorated rapidly. Following a total communications blackout on the planet, the military began to march on the capital city. Led by Brigadier General Balrath of the military's internal affairs division, this coup is believed to be the result of the government's dissatisfaction in combating the rebels embroiled in civil war. Loyalist military forces, civilian police officers, and other civilians attempting to resist the coup proceeded to barricade the streets and open fire upon the invading soldiers from windows, alleys, and other urban environments.

Due to the sophistication of military weaponry and their significant advantage of armored vehicles, this resistance lasted only a few hours. During this time, significant civilian casualties took place as the coup's forces surrounded civilian holdouts and eliminated them with considerable lethal force. It is believed that several thousand perished from direct battle, with tens of thousands more left severely injured.

Though some loyalist holdouts remain, real resistance concluded when an armored vehicle smashed through the front doors of the Council of the Learned. Most of the defenders had either evacuated beforehand or gone into hiding. As of right now, the military has now transitioned into locating and seizing loyalist resistance forces. A large portion of the members of the Council of Learned - the highest institution on Isep Xedi - have already been seized.

General Balrath has already formed a new government within the captured Ivory Tower. "Isep Xedi is now under the control of the military," a spokesperson for the new government provided in a statement. "As we take over the state appartus, citizens can expect immediate reforms. We are not a rogue state, we only plan to pursue more equal relations with our interstellar partners." they continued.

The new Council of Learned has voted unanimously to declare Balrath a hero of Isep Xedi, along with appropriating funds for a military parade. Already, a bill sits in front of the seized legislature to formalize the General's total executive power. It is expected to pass unanimously.

Once the military had control over the streets, the new regime chose to illustrate to everyone their new tactics for government. Several thousand people, including former members of the Council of the Learned, loyalist military officers opposing Balrath, and other community leaders were tied to wooden stakes in the city center. A large crowd gathered following an announcement of food rations and a return to normalcy. It was there that the General chose to give an oration.

"It is right about time we fix this mess." the Brigadier General spoke before the crowd. "The old government has failed Isep Xedi. It has allowed the Rebels and their masters to wage war upon its traditions and very way of life. Only I will protect us from the enemy. Only I can maintain order and security." Following the conclusion, the stakes were lit. The result was gruesome, with those that watched also considerably frightened and unnerved by this unexpected method of execution.

We had attempted to depart from the center. Given the extremism exhibited by the new regime, it was logically deemed too untenable to remain. On our path back to our apartment we had rented for the duration of our stay, we were accosted by several soldiers. When we attempted to inform them that we were journalists, Semptim received a blow to his chest from the rifle of one of the soldiers. They seized all of our items, including all images and videos taken of the coup and subsequent acts.

We spent several hours in a holding cell after several requests to contact either an embassy or the Federation diplomatic service were denied. Afterwards, we were taken to a captain's office. He apologized for the violent response of his soldiers, and on his desk sat several of our personal effects. After inspecting our passports, he returned most of our personal effects and informed us that we would be allowed to leave the planet. "There is no story here," he continued. "You should leave." After an inspection of our personal equipment, it was discovered that all of our images and videos of the coup had been erased. This inquiry was posed to the captain, to which he claimed that he was unaware of any such images or video. The Captain refused to identify himself.

The Tribune also notes that, since the coup, Dominion-backed entities have begun buying up considerable shares of the the Isep Xedi economy. Dominion market share is expected to surpass domestic Xedi ownership within the month. The extent of the Dominion's involvement in Isep Xedi remains unknown, but it is clear that it is seeking closer relations with Balrath's new government.

The closest Dominion Consulate on Deep Space Thirteen declined to comment.


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