AAR: Softening the Citali System

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CPO Ashodi, T.

LOCATION Alpha Quadrant, Itrin Sector, Citali System

MISSION Disrupt Terran systems in the Citali System

OUTCOME Terran systems disrupted, transport disabled, officers stranded, misinformation campaign and sabotage ongoing, awaiting rescue.


  • MAJ Valencia, G.
  • CPO Ashodi, T.

NARRATIVE Using a renamed and reconfigured Runabout, the USS Black Sea, we made our way to the Citali System, using forged credentials (and a threat of alerting an Inquisitor) we were able to bypass the security at the orbital checkpoint and land on the planet, roughly 10km away from the Terran compound.

Donning a holographic disguise and replicated Terran uniform (Note for the future, if using a holographic disguise to infiltrate a hostile and frankly racist interdimensional power, don’t remain appearing as an Andorian.) we set about for the control tower. After just 50 meters walking, Major Valencia determined that this was taking too long.

Luckily, we heard a Terran Argo transport vehicle in the distance. We engaged in Rock Paper Scissors, and I was voluntold to act as bait. I slid down the cliff and waited for the vehicle to approach closer, once it did, Major Valencia approached from behind and attacked the two in the back of the transport, while I rushed the remaining one at the front. After a brief struggle, all three were dispatched and we proceeded to the compound.

At the compound gates, security was minimal, primarily small checkpoints at infrequent gaps, we were able to get past with no resistance at all and moved to the main communications centre.

The communications centre was small, but clearly vital to Terran operations in this system. Initial attempts to place the system into diagnostic mode failed as Terran systems are seemingly protected with agoniser fields. After a brief, but very painful zap, the computer was locked out from the software. Digging into the hardware, I was able to force a second console to act as a slave system, replacing its firmware with code ripped from a Tricorder. Forcing both systems into a diagnostic cycle, I was able to upload essentially ransomware from the '80s to encrypt the consoles bootloader. Unfortunately, this had the adverse effect of travelling back to the Runabout via my tricorder. Slight oversight.

As the Runabout was now disabled, we fled the area in the captured Argo and have since been flooding local communications with obscenities and rumours, while carrying out further acts of sabotage awaiting rescue from the surely upcoming Starfleet attack on this system.

We can only hope.

RECOMMENDATION Please launch an attack on the Citali system so this was worth it. Oh, and rescue us.

RECOGNITION Major Valencia is an excellent fighter. Perhaps my favourite person so far to be stranded with.

OOCThank you Sam for this fun, but of course, very serious event. :smiley:

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MAJ Valencia, G

ADDENDUM Whoever rescues us gets a free Terran ARGO.

RECOGNITION The chief was okay. Smells a bit funny, almost like he’s been singed.

GM Note Awarding points for objective completion, but leaving the system contested to abide by the IC situation and allow a follow-up mission to make sense. In exchange, Terrans will require two missions to take control of Citali, and Starfleet will receive a bonus to fleet strength for any fleet actions directed here at the end of the week.