AAR: Stealthy Insertion

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SGT Ten of Sixteen (Toss)

After Action Report

LOCATION Deep Space, Ba’aja Sector

MISSION Disrupting shipment of ‘Protomatter Weaponry’

OUTCOME Decisive failure.


  • LTC Hook
  • CPT Varerus
  • SGM K’Timac
  • SGT Juulla
  • SGT Ten of Sixteen (Toss)

NARRATIVE MACO Team 9 was positioned near the designated freighter whilst under stealth-prep form; dropping out and onto the exterior of said freighter with no issues and used explosive charges to forcefully enter the hull, the moment entry was made, alarms were sounded- this bringing the team to believe that those inside were possibly prepared for the attack. Their efforts were not helpful, as both teams [Varerus, K’Timac, Toss; Hook, Juulla] were more than capable of withstanding attacks and reciprocating with the expected returning force [Overwhelming] throughout the entire duration of battles up to both ends of the ship.

Upon clearance of the Freighter’s Primary Bridge; info-dumping began to find data for shipping manafests pertaining to ‘Protomatter Weaponry’ along with wiping sensor logs along with any entry-data of the Team. While the last two tasks were performed successfully, the primary task of finding the Weaponry was revealed to be impossible- as the Weaponry Cargo itself was shown to be fabricated and nonexistent entirely. Leading the Team to believe there was a lack of actual investigation done by those requested to do so.

MACO Team 9 rather curtly exited the Freighter via escape pod whilst dodging scanners from an unknown ship that immediately destroyed the Freighter without much hesitation.

RECOMMENDATION This one makes the express recommendation- along with the rest of Team 9 in agreement with it; that Intel is to perform their occupations at a more satisfactory level before sending information in. If it were not for the training and expertise of Team 9, It believes none of us would have survived such an encounter.

RECOGNITION All members of MACO Team 9 did as expected and performed to the best of their abilities.

OOC This AAR is made for the MACO Team 9 Event Mission ‘Stealthy Insertion’ done on 06/06/2021. If wanting Event Logs please message (@Sam)