Operational Intelligence Failure

To: Starfleet Intelligence Relay
From: LCOL Mason, Jayne
Subj: Operational Intelligence Failure

I write to you in relation to the Operation dated 97449.8 where Starfleet Intelligence requested MACO Team 9 to intercept and secure a shipment of protomatter weapons destined for the Klingon border.

The attached report shows while the team successfully carried out the operation, due to a failure of intelligence, the protomatter weapons were not present and the vessel was destroyed by an unknown assailant, with the loss of all non-MACO aboard.

I want to know how your intelligence as supplied was so incorrect, with one of my teams placed in direct and significant danger as a result, with almost all mission objectives failing as a result. No other vessel should have been in the area and the fact it remains unidentified is unacceptable.

I will not be placing a further team in a similar situation that can only be described as negligent until your operational intel can be shown to be correct once more.

Lieutenant Colonel Jayne Mason
MACO Administrative Officer,
Deep Space 13

//ATTACHMENT// AAR: Stealthy Insertion


To: LTC Mason, Jayne
From: CAPT Xannidus-Mora, F
Subj: RE: Operational Intelligence Failure

Reply to LTC: Information Classified. Internal review ongoing about operational assets. Results pending.

Assurance: results disseminated upon investigation closure.

Complaints: direct to nearest starfleet command chain.


Captain Fzonan Xannidus-Mora
Commanding Officer, Intelligence Group X-2
Starbase 25, Risa Sector

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