AAR: The Resource Curse


96791.7 LT S. Valore Level 2 - Confidential


MISSION Investigate invasive structures.

OUTCOME Prime Directive uncompromised. Structures removed, Ferengi and Pakleds imprisoned, and witness mind-wiped.


  • CAPT Bishop, S.
  • LT Valore, S.
  • CPT Valencia, G.
  • LTJG Shinwa T.

NARRATIVE The team had made its way to the planet’s surface, disguised as natives. Upon acquiring visual contact of the Ferengi buildings, this officer began acquiring intelligence on the matter. At this time, it was discovered that a native had been spying on the Ferengi. CPT Valencia and LTJG Shinwa moved to intercept.

This officer detected heavy mining equipment within the buildings that matched previously acquired intelligence on the FerLed corporation. The company was attempting to seize a rare metal located considerably below the crust of the planet and utilized deep mining equipment that the native populace could not possibly have access to.

This officer believed that the best course of action was to utilize an EMP to neutralize the facility and leave the FerLed Corporation in desparate need of sudden Starfleet assistance that could be utilized to investigate and shut down the operation. With CAPT Bishop’s assent, this officer called into the Endeavour to request an electromagnetic pulse strike at the facility’s location. Following this, unfortunately, it was discovered that the facility possessed some sort of energy field after the fact. Furthermore, LTJG Shinwa’s ocular implants were disabled that rendered him blind.

We joined CPT Valencia and LTJG Shinwa at the native. He believed that the Ferengi were demons that needed to be slain. This officer attempted to utilize rhetorical devices in order to cause an altercation in which the native would be accused of disloyalty to the sovereign and this officer would attempt to nerve pinch them. When he would wake up, it could be considered a bad dream or nightmare.

Unfortunately, this officer was unable to complete the nerve pinch. The native drew his katana towards this officer. This officer attempted to continue the conversation whilst the rest of the team would subdue the individual. Unfortunately, the others chose to simply watch, with the understandable exception of LTJG Shinwa who was blind. Furthermore, Captain Bishop suggested that the native depart and warn the local warlord so they could raise an army and deal with the ‘demons’. This officer deferred to Captain Bishop as the operational lead, but this officer must opine that such a thing would only exacerbate the situation. A pre-FTL army descending upon an unwelcome Ferengi encampment would cause enough problems that would leave the culture permanently contanimated.

The native disagreed, and insisted that we do so whilst he deals with the Ferengi. It was at this moment that two Ferengi discovered us and proceeded to open fire. Believing that the idea of a suicidal unarmed charge at armed hostiles has always ended in failure, this officer chose to assist LTJG Shinwa instead. Whilst this was ongoing, the native proceeded to remove the limbs of the Ferengi with his katana. Afterwards, he charged further into the facility, very likely to dismember the rest of the so-called ‘demons’.

Captain Bishop ordered this officer and CPT Valencia to proceed forward to attempt to persuade the native that this is all very much within his mythology. Given the individual’s warlust and willingness to dismember the remaining Ferengi, the armed guards that would be in our way, and the fact that our only weaponry - that of the Ferengi phasers - had no stun setting, this officer believed that pursuit would have been untenable.

This officer split off from CPT Valencia after conferring with her, instead proceeding to deactivate the field generator. After a short inspection, this officer ruptured the power supply. Following that course of action, this officer contacted the Endeavour and requested a cleanup team to deal with the Prime Directive breach.

After beam up, this officer was assigned to assist in the cleanup. The invasive structures were removed, Ferengi, Pakled, and their severed limbs and blood have been cleaned up, and the native was sent to medical for a mind wipe.

During debrief, it was discovered that the biology of the native population would make administering mind-wipes difficult. It would remove more than the memories necessary, along with potential long-term damage. It was decided that the risk of further contamination outweighed his mental faculties. Had increased efforts been taken to neutralize the individual before now, this officer would opine that such a procedure could have been unnecessary.

This officer simultaneously understands the usages of telling an untruth in order to uphold the Prime Directive, but also wishes to bring up the matter that reinforcing religious myths regarding demons and invasions would also reinforce potential inhibitions to progress on the planet. This is a delicate and sometimes untenable matter in which short-term tactics could have significant long-term effect.

RECOMMENDATION Recommend Starfleet pursue the liquidation of the FerLed corporation and prosecution of its corporate officers. Recommend that Starfleet take additional steps to prevent further intrusion upon the planet prior to FTL discovery.

RECOGNITION All involved personnel performed satisfactorily.

Thanks to Sam for running the event.

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