AAR: The Valley of the Quest

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CAPT Mirazuni, A

After Action Report

LOCATION POI K-2340, Kelterre Sector

MISSION Investigate strange gravmetric readings from rogue celestial body.

OUTCOME Unknown ship trapped in field exploded trying to escape. Datapacket from ship received.


  • CAPT A. Mirazuni
  • CAPT A. Timoreev
  • ENS Thyzee

  • CIV E. Karadas

BACKGROUND A month previous to the mission, the U.S.S. Attar’s long-range sensors detected unusual readings coming from deep in the Kelterre System. The U.S.S. Attar had deployed probes to gather more data; this data showed a number of graviton particles, as well as showing that the anomaly was moving. A movement vector was calculated and the U.S.S. Attar and U.S.S. Endeavour were deployed in order to investigate.

NARRATIVE The precise location of our arrival was determined by a build-up of graviton and metreon particles on sensors. Dropping out of warp, we identified the anomaly; a rogue planet.

Scans of the planet were inconclusive, as it seemed that there was an exogenic energy shield around the planet emitting the metreon particles that was preventing scans from reaching the planet.

As scans were being attempted, we picked up a distress call coming from a ship submerged in the field itself. A probe was deployed to penetrate the shield and relay information from underneath the field. The probe showed that the ship was operating ion engines, close to failing, and that they were attempting to push on the field to escape. In an attempt to open a hole in the field, the *U.S.S. Endeavour *attempted to send a beam that was on the opposite frequency of the field to disrupt it.

The plan succeeded, and the ship was able to make progress in escaping. However, the damage to the engines meant that they were not able to break orbit. The U.S.S. Attar deployed their tractor beam to pull the ship out, but as they did so, the exogenic field began to extend to envelop the U.S.S. Attar, surrounding the ship in metreon particles. The U.S.S. Attar move to red alert, but inexplicably increased power to the tractor beam, causing the ship to become enveloped fully by the field. The U.S.S. Endeavour ceased their disruption of the field in a hope that the U.S.S. Attar would be repulsed back. This was the case, and they were able to disengage their tractor beam.

The unknown ship did not suffer a similar fate; it exploded, with a loss of all hands, but not before it sent a data packet to us. The data packet showed a map of a system; six planets and no sun. The text read “The Simorg and Us”.

With no further objectives in the area, both ships returned to Deep Space 13.

RECOMMENDATION Continued analysis of the anomaly, coupled with a probe warning ships of the dangers of entering the field. The data packet should be analysed in more depth.

RECOGNITION All members acted in a satisfactory manner.

OOC This is a late AAR for The Valley of the Quest. It has been backdated. Event Logs available on request.

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