AAR: U.S.S. Mariner | The Pryce of Doing Business & You Are Cordially Uninvited

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LTJG Zital, Serris

After Action Report

LOCATION 4480 Svati, Doza Sector; New Asgard, Boreth Sector

MISSION February 7th | The Pryce of Doing Business / February 14th | You Are Cordially Uninvited

OUTCOME Successful retrieval of black box recorders from destroyed freighters in 4480 Svati.


  • CAPT Bahieh, Keexa (@Bahieh)
  • CAPT Pryce, James (@Nimitz)
  • CMDR Tolar, Amathel (@ElvenLord)
  • CMDR Leideex, Mei (@Eunha)
  • LT Jarol, Ezreli (@Moose)
  • LTJG Zital, Serris (@Serris)
  • MCPO Ibrait, Keilin (@Bahieh)
  • Queen Elizabeth Mary Magdalene Pryce III, Sovereign of New Asgard
  • GEN G’roth, Head of the House of G’roth
  • Ayow, Daughter of G’roth

NARRATIVE Mariner was deployed to retrieve the black box recorders from the freighter trafficking unmarked tricobalt devices, previously encountered in 4480 Svati. Upon arriving in the system, Mariner was ambushed by a cloaked Ferengi D-Kora-class marauder and suffered severe damage to its forward weapons array. After a brief skirmish that favored the Marauder, Captain Pryce ordered a cease fire and hailed the hostile vessel. The Ferengi communicated that Captain Pryce was to surrender himself and prepare for transport, which he did, and the vessel warped out of the system.

Using the Marauder’s last known heading and Captain Pryce’s service dossier as a reference, the crew was able to determine a probable destination of Captain Pryce’s homeworld of New Asgard, an independent human colony in the Boreth sector. With permission from Captain Bishop, Mariner utilized Deep Space 13’s transwarp gate to get ahead of the Marauder in the Traelus system, and rendezvoused with the U.S.S. Invictus near Forcas III, before proceeding to New Asgard for the rescue operation under the command of Captain Bahieh.

The House of G’roth, an influential Klingon house with great military favor, had its flagship and two escorts in orbit of New Asgard. Captain Bahieh requested assistance from the House of G’roth under the terms of the Khitomer Accords, but was summarily refused in favor of an immediate diplomatic obligation. We found out, upon arrival of the Marauder, that this obligation was the royal wedding between Captain Pryce, crown prince of New Asgard, and Ayow, Daughter of G’roth.

With little alternative but to play along, Captain Bahieh, Commander Tolar, and Lieutenant Zital attended the wedding, after which Captain Pryce and his new wife returned to Mariner. With the rescue operation complete, the ship returned to 4480 Svati and retrieved the black boxes without further incident, albeit 28 hours overdue, and with an unexpected addition to the crew.

RECOMMENDATION Investigate activity of Ferengi bounty hunters in the area of the Aldebaran sector. File a diplomatic grievance with the independent world of New Asgard for actions taken to obtain Captain Pryce for his obligations, possibly pursue sanctions.
RECOGNITION It is the opinion of this officer that Commander Tolar should be commended for grace under pressure and her acknowledgement of her limits when facing diplomatic crises.

OOC As both of these “missions” are two parts of the same story, they should be referenced as one mission in-character.