AAR: USS Mariner | Trial by Fire

-- Neema Perim for Federation President 2424
Filed By:
LT Ezreli, Jarol

After Action Report

LOCATION 4480 Svati, Doza Sector


OUTCOME 49 Tricobalt Devices recovered of 50, one detonated during escape attempt, no subspace disruption detected.


NARRATIVE Officers were called to a briefing by Lieutenant Valore at the beginning of Beta Shift where we were informed that a supply convoy had been affected by an unusually intense Ion Storm and that the Mariner was best suited to render aid. Mariner was rushed to service readiness ahead of our shakedown schedule. The convoy consisted of three Endurance class freighters. At this stage we were not made aware of the contents of the cargo.

While en route, long range sensors were used to attain the storms severity and compositional details, it was inconsistent with similar storms, with energy emissions well above that of a Class 10 storm. I attempted to polarise the Mariner’s shields inverse to the frequency of the wavefront, allowing us to use the shield generators themselves as a rudimentary lightning conductor, protecting the other ship systems.

The storm itself however was emitting strong electromagnetic discharges and was reflecting and refracting within subspace making subspace sensors nearly useless at this range. The storm also appeared to be converging on subspace distortion sources, such as our driver coils. Additionally, ionising radiation was beginning to penetrate the shields, the polarisation was having no discernible effect. We shutdown primary power and minimised subspace distortion throughout the vessel, which caused the storm to return to its previous locale.

Lieutenant Zital posited that the ion storm may have interacted with a large enough deposit of dark matter and as such is now attracted to active subspace distortion caused by interactions of antimatter particles. While we were investigating potential rescue options, a Coronal Mass Ejection was detected on sensors, expected to intercept within an hour.

With this in mind, we stepped up our plans and began to modify shuttlecraft to remove antimatter system components. After 10 minutes, we deployed our two Delta Flyer shuttlecraft, and a Type 11 shuttle with appropriate modifications, one to each freighter, while Mariner retreated to a safe distance from the storm.

Due to damage to the freighters and the intense movements of the storm near the still active antimatter drives, Commander Leideex made an impressive counter motion landing near a narrow drydock access port, due to the shielding however even at this range it was impossible to tell the cargo of the freighter. We boarded to look for survivors and the cargo as requested.

Once aboard the freighter we quickly made our way to the main cargo hold as it was most shielded, it made sense that the crew would have sought refuge there. Lieutenant Aev was able to decrypt the security on the door and we gained entry, however we quickly learnt that the entire crew had succumbed to radiation and perished. To our amazement, we were also met with a stockpile of 50 Tricobalt Devices.

With the shockwave rapidly approaching, we devised a plan to rescue the freighters by combining subspace impeller internals from a transphasic torpedo from the Delta Runabout with a tricobalt device thereby forcing typical subspace disruptions into normal space.

By altering the deflector harmonic of the freighters and Mariner a low level subspace wake would be formed around the vessels allowing them to ride the shockwave created by the tricobalt device.

Commander Leideex, Doctor Castillo and I set about modifying the torpedo while the remainder of the team finalized the harmonic preparation. With a minute to spare we were ready to enact and launched our makeshift Soliton wave generator (which I am pleased to report worked without run away effects). Unfortunately the CME was too far ahead and one freighter carrying self sealing stem bolts was lost.

The remaining 49 tricobalt devices were inventoried as classified munitions and stored in secured armouries aboard the Mariner.

RECOMMENDATION Investigation of the ion storm and nearby dark matter pockets to ensure the navigational hazard is correctly catalogued and distributed.

Permanent storage of Tricobalt devices be arranged.

Review security practices and investigate how a transport carrying tricobalt devices was traveling without escort and with other civilian vessels.
RECOGNITION Commander Leideex’s piloting skills were invaluable to this mission, we would not have been able to rescue any of the cargo without her quick thinking and skill.

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