AAR: Undercover on Drozana

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LT Loxton, Nicholas

After Action Report

LOCATION Drozana Station, Beta Quadrant

MISSION Covert Operation to obtain information on counterfeit Romulan disruptors.

OUTCOME Mission was a success. Contact was made with supplier and a further meeting was arranged.


Commander Rai

Lieutenant Loxton

Centurion Aidoann

NARRATIVE I was assigned by Commander Rai of the Vaurek to go undercover on Drozana station to gain information on who is manufacturing counterfeit Romulan disruptors.

After making contact with two merchants whom had been the victim of a scam, they pointed me in the direction of a Ferengi named ‘Frifth’. I managed to convince him to contact his supplier and arrange a sale by posing as a broker for a rich buyer who wished to purchase a large quantity of the disruptors. This man Frifth was extremely interested and called his supplier to arrange a sale, which will occur in three days time.

RECOMMENDATION My recommendation is that caution be applied to the meeting in three days time. I believe that Frifth’s supplier may be suspicious of a trap and may send an aggressive party to the meeting.

OOC This was part of the event The Eagle Takes Flight which was GMed by the incomparable @Valore and it was great!