AAR: USS Cassini | Encounter with Unidentified Lifeform

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CAPT Zarath, T.

After Action Report

LOCATION Donatu System, Donatu Sector, Beta Quadrant

MISSION Patrol Route of the Donatu Sector

OUTCOME Alien lifeform departed. Follow up requested from Donatu Prime Lunar Research Station.


NARRATIVE While on patrol, the USS Cassini encountered an anti-neutrino reading in subspace maintaining a shadow position directly ahead of us. This coincided with our secondary computer core coming into an active state appearing to be accessed from an unknown location.

I ordered to secure from warp and to shut down the secondary core. While this was successful the anti-neutrino readings were now coming directly towards us at equivalent warp 14. Cassini moved to red alert and raised shields.

When the object emerged from subspace, it did so with an unusual method, moreso like forming a “hole” into subspace, similar to effects on realspace exhibited by isolitic charges.


The object was 40m high and arrived at close range. It emitted a disruptive scan followed by a magnetic pulse which drained the Cassini of primary and auxiliary power as well as locking systems from the primary computer core.

While the bridge crew enacted emergency procedures, Ensign Thyzee was seemingly possessed by an intelligence which we assumed was from the object we encountered. All present on the bridge felt a sharp pain, with the possessed Ensign declaring we had stolen someone, and were thieves and kidnappers. Shortly after, the bridge crew saw of a vision of a Federation starship, later identified as the USS Carter, beaming a second creature out of interstellar space.

I tried to assure the intelligence that we meant the creature no harm, that we wanted to help them and try explain what happened. After a few negotiations, the creature agreed to return power however it would hold Ensign Thyzee under its control until we assisted, I was unfortunately unable to protest further or argue for better terms as I believed the Ensign’s life would be potentially endangered.

While me and Captain Nimitz worked on finding details of the Carter’s mission, Captain Valencia, Wreka’clan and Talman’ix worked on preventing us from losing power again.

The Carter had been studying a nearby region of space as part of Admiral Kebret’s taskforce, operating under detached service to a research station in the Donatu sector with a potential operating area extending into the Kassae sector. Mission logs from the Carter showed that they had found a lifeform they believed to be in distress and had taken it to the Donatu Prime Lunar Research Facility for healing and recuperation. I informed the intelligence and we set off to the Donatu system.

Upon arrival, we hailed the research facility, but were met with no response. Instead the intelligence declared that the other they were looking for was here, controlling the “thieves”. After a brief period the shuttlebay doors of the facility opened and a larger yet similar creature was released into space. The two linked up and Ensign Thyzee was released into an unconscious, but stable state.

Shortly after, we were hailed by the Donatu Prime Lunar Research Station, where it seemed the entire staff had been held in a state similar to Ensign Thyzee, though with no injuries and unconsciousness. It would appear the intelligence the Cassini encountered was a younger member of the species, perhaps a child and as such had not developed its telepathic abilities, only able to affect an already highly psionically active member of the Cassini complement.

Before we departed, the Research Station advised that the Carter was due to return with highly sensitive research materials in the next few weeks, and given this recent incident as well as incidents in the past such as in the Kinjer system, they have requested additional defensive structures to be installed.

RECOMMENDATION Classify discovered lifeform and establish conservation and observation protocols if required. Follow up on Donatu Prime Lunar Research Station’s request for additional defensive structures to be placed in the region.

RECOGNITION Captain Valencia and the two Jem’Hadar, Wreka’clan and Talman’ix, demonstrated competent and methodical skillsets in maintaining the Cassini’s power systems. As Captain Nimitz first spotted the lifeform on sensors, I believe he should have the honour of choosing a name.

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ENS Thyzee

After Action Report

ADDENDUM Given the abilities and comparative power exhibited by these creatures, along with my own personal experience, I estimate their psionic potential to be approximately on Gamma level according to my proposed scale. The ESPER system is not applicable, considering the creature would be at least an order of magnitude more powerful than that scale’s maximum value.

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Proposed Psionic Rating Scale