AAR: USS Dallas | Investigate Voth Battleground

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CAPT Holmes, A.

After Action Report

LOCATION Interstellar Space, Aldebaran Sector

MISSION SUBJ: Voth Wreckage

OUTCOME Warning buoys deployed to area. Several mines recovered for study and safe defusal.



  • CAPT Holmes, A. - U.S.S. Dallas, Commanding (@Moose)
  • CAPT Ceefax, J. - U.S.S. Lauda, Commanding (@Bahieh)
  • CAPT Varerus, E. - MACO, Team Leader (@CPTBlitz)

Klingon Defense Force

  • CAPT Tanik - A.F.S. Zomok-II, Commanding (@Ropefish)

NARRATIVE U.S.S. Dallas and Lauda arrived to the site of the battle between U.S.S. Pegasus and Voth forces to investigate and recover wreckage from the area. We encountered a Klingon Vo’Quv class carrier commanded by Captain Tanik who was already salvaging the area.

Dallas hailed the Klingon vessel, identified as the Zomok and I conversed with the Captain. The Zomok had been travelling through the area when a stray piece of debris had struck the Zomok’s outer nacelle casing. I offered our assistance and confirmed a joint operation to survey the large amount of wreckage utilizing the Zomok’s extensive small craft roster to enhance our search.

Unfortunately while entering the area, a cloaked Voth minefield began latching to our hulls. Due to the prior experience of MACO Captain Varerus, we were advised to not attempt to remove the mines. At this time we had not yet established full communications with the group of vessels and the crew of the Zomok had already begun dismantling a mine attached to one of the fighter craft which detonated within the hangar bay causing extensive internal damage.

Dallas engineers coordinated with the Zomok teams to provide supplies while Captain Jebzei launched her own auxiliary craft to perform SAR operations.

It was eventually discovered that the mines were being controlled by a central system based on an older ESPA NOMAD craft. Presumably the mines were setup to detonate as a ship was leaving to protect the controller system from a cascade detonation, rather than acting as a deterrent. During the Lauda’s recon passes, an intact Voth computer core was also discovered.

Captain Varerus volunteered to EVA from the Dallas to the control system and was able to interface with the craft, setting the field into a standby mode. This gave all three vessels an hour to remove the mines and vacate the area.

Lauda transported a number of mines for further study and safe dismantlement as well as the computer core, while the Dallas set up a warning buoy at the field perimeters.

RECOMMENDATION Dispatch dedicated minesweeper vessel to ensure the area is safe and secure. Investigate computer core and analyse for further steps.

RECOGNITION Captain Varerus’ actions saved the three vessels present and is a credit to the MACO forces. Captain Jebzei’s quick thinking ensured the safe retrieval of samples to ensure dedicated minesweeping efforts will have a high degree of success.

OOC Apologies for the delays in getting this up. Send the bill to the Voth. Log of @CPTBlitz’s mini-event following on from AAR: The Search.