AAR: The Search

Filed By:
CAPT Nimitz, A.H.

After Action Report

LOCATION Midway between the Droni and Aurking systems, Aldebaran Sector

MISSION investigating source of space rock thrown at Deep Space 13.

OUTCOME Voth task force encountered. A short skirmish followed, Vorta Kalris 8 was KIA onboard Pegasus.


  • CAPT A.H. Nimitz
  • SCDR E. t’Cyklaas
  • LCDR T. Kerro
  • ENS R. Mitsuki
  • ENS K. Targerth
  • ENS Thyzee
  • ENS S. Miyawaki
  • CPT E. Varerus
  • CPT G. Valencia
  • VORTA Kalris 8 (KIA)

NARRATIVE The Pegasus was on the third day of its search into the source of where the asteroid that hit Deep Space 13 when we came upon the Dominion warship Founder’s Wisdom searching the wreckage of their recon vessel which had been destroyed by an unknown task force. Sensor readings showed that the weapons signature left behind were anti-proton in nature, which narrowed down the potental suspects to the Undine, Voth or the Iconians. At the time we eliminated all three due to facts on hand regarding known intelligence information.

While initially uncooperative, the Dominion warship sent over Kalris 8, their commander, over to the Pegasus with sensor reading collected from the wreckage of their vessel as we might pool our resources together to figure out who was behind the attack. As Kalris arrived on the bridge of the Pegasus, our meeting to discuss pooling resources was cut short by a subspace anomaly opening up and we were joined by a Voth Battlegroup.

The Voth commander onboard their lead vessel hailed the Pegasus and demanded to know the reason for our presence in this area of space. This reporting officer explained that we were well within Federation territory and were in search for the origins of the asteroid that was used to strike Deep Space 13. Upon mention of the asteroid, the Voth Commander became enraged and demanded our surrender and to be boarded to purge our computer data base of all information related to the asteroid.

This commanding officer refused and responded that they would not be intimated by threats. At this point the Voth cut communications and sent in part of their task force within firing range. The Founder’s Wisdom was closer to the battlegroup as were fired upon first by the Voth, a trio of frigates gave the Dominion vessel and her escorts a fight that didn’t deter the Voth, and the Pegasus soon joined in the action.

As the engagement begun, this reporting officer attempted to order Ensigns Thyzee and Mitsuki to take the Delta Flyer ‘Unconquered’ along with a copy of the Pegasus black box and attempt to make a run for Deep Space 13 if the worst came to pass in the engagement. The Voth battleship prevented that by deploying some kind of subspace jamming field around the engagement zone, preventing all ships from creating a stable warp field. At this point this commanding officer fully committed the Pegasus into the engagement by deploying the fighter wing.

After beating back the first wave of Voth ships, the Voth sent in a curiser to engage, however by this point the Voth Forces still outnumbered the alliance vessels, with the Dominion battleship providing protection, the Pegasus moved in to strike upon the Voth Battleship directly, with authorization, using her phaser lance to strip away their shields entirely. Following this, this officer ordered the activation of three tricobalt devices set for a five second countdown to be beamed into three key areas onboard the Voth battleship, her bridge, main engineering, and her munitions room. The Founder’s Wisdom was key in buying us the time needed to lower Pegasus’ shields and beam the devices.

The devices were successfully beamed onboard the battleship and detonated. Unfortunately while the the ploy was a success, the battleship managed to beam onboard several boarding parties onto the Pegasus. The Vorta Kalris was killed by a Voth intruder onboard the bridge, however due to superior numbers and interior defense systems onboard Pegasus, the Voth intruders were quickly dispatched shipwide.

With the Battleship rendered into a hulk, their jamming device was down. Pegasus and the Founder’s Wisdom both withdrew from the engagement as the Voth begun to regroup. Following the retreat several data catch devices were recovered from the bodies of the Voth intruders. Currently the data catches have not yet been looked into, however this commanding officer recommends handing them over to qualified specialists to look into them.

RECOMMENDATION This reporting officer has several recommendations, the first of which is to declare a potential state of emergency and have all ships in the regional operations be on the lookout for more signs of Voth incursion upon our territory, and to prepare for the possibility of the Voth attempting to establish a foothold situation.

Second recommendation is the elevation of the Voth threat levels to high priority as this incident currently gives reasonable suspicion that the Voth were behind the asteroid strike upon Deep Space 13.

Third, this officer recommends returning to the scene of the engagement to salvage as much as we can from the wreckage of the Voth ships destroyed in the engagement.

Finally this officer recommends turning over the recovered data catches to the science and engineering departments on board Deep Space 13 for full download and data autopsy.

RECOGNITION All listed parties preformed their duties above and beyond the call of duty in light of a highly stressful situation involving an unlikely enemy combatant.

This reporting officer must state for the record that the Pegasus would have unable to come out of this engagement without stuffering heavier damage and losses had the Dominion Vessel Founder’s Wisdom not been there to give us direly need fire support.